Monday, August 20, 2007

in other news...

Just last Wednesday I started babysitting for a little girl who lives across the street. Her name is Maren and she's 2. She is really good so it makes it easy on me. I watch her every morning and it's nice because we live so close I can either stay at their house or we can be at my house and I can get stuff done around here.

I also started a business selling bulk foods and home supplies. I still need a name ... any ideas? But, I think it will be fun even though starting it up was so stressful! It will be really nice to use it to get our food storage built up!!

Thatcher is full of college students again ... EAC started today so the dorms are full and everyone is back!! Kameron's brother, Matt, is the new Student Body President so, I have a feeling we'll be attending lots of EAC activities this year!

Kameron's other brother, Daniel, is officially in the mission field. He got to Portland on the 15th. How exciting!

I'm proud of my oldest brother - he graduated from Police Academy the end of June and as of August 16th - he was an official police officer!! I guess now we have to obey the laws :S

And, I'm excited because all of my shows are starting up again!! Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives have their "Preview Shows" this week! So, from now on - Kameron gets to put Kason to bed two nights a week so I can watch my shows. :o) (yay!)

And that's all that been going on in our house ... after reading this though I sure feel a lot busier than it sounds. I feel like I don't have much free time and my house is falling apart. Oh well.

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The Evans Family said...

How did you get into selling bulk foods? Is it through some company?

Also, I was contemplating hosting a Modbe party and you are the closest consultant (that I know of) to me. Another consultant I know (she now lives in Queen Creek...a little too far from Silver) sent an email about getting $24 off any item, just for booking a party, which must be hosted by Sept. 22nd. Are you doing that promotion too? I know you are still 2 hours away from me, but would you consider coming to do a show? I think we could get a pretty decent turnout. If you don't think it would be cost effective for you to do it, don't worry about it. Thanks!

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