Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little K-Dawg

These are just a few things Kason has said lately that have made me laugh and I wanted to remember them ...

The other night we were at In-N-Out for my cousin's birthday and there was a lady sitting a few tables over. She was an older lady and she was wearing a shawl. Well, Kason looks at her and points right at her and says to my cousin, Kevin, "look it's a monster wearing a blanket!" ... so then as we are leaving, I'm holding him and he looks over my shoulder, points at the same lady, and says, "Mom, there's that scary monster!" ... wow, I really really hope she didn't hear him. But, it was still pretty hilarious. Kids sure say exactly what's on their mind!!


Earlier this week I was putting Kason's shoes on and this was our conversation

Kason: "You know what Mom? Jesus really loves me."
Mom: "yes! he really does! where did you learn that?"
Kason: "I learned that at church. In my class!"
Mom: "What else do you learn in your class?"
Kason: "We sing songs, play games, learn about Jesus."
Mom: "That's right!"
Kason: "You know what Mom? We learn about Jesus but, we don't ever learn about Thomas the Train."
I just started laughing and told him, "Um ... no not at church!"
He's a funny kid.


We were driving in the car back at the beginning of the month and Kason had his eyes closed. I turned to him and said, "Kason, are you tired?" he says, "No Mom, I'm just looking at my eyes!"

HA HA HA! I was laughing for days about that one.


So there is a wedding picture of me and Kameron on a table that's right at Kason's height. One morning he was standing there just staring at it, looking kind of puzzled. I ask him what's wrong.

He says, "Mom, this picture is horrible!"
I say, "what?!"
"Your hair, the flowers, your dress ... it's all horrible mom. Ugh ... don't you get it?!"

I couldn't help but laugh. He has kind of an attitude.


He's such a funny kid and I'm lucky I get to spend all day with him!!! He's such a little blessing!