Monday, April 5, 2010

This is what I'm excited about ...

Today is OPENING DAY for Major League Baseball.
I'm sporting my Diamondbacks Sedona Red ... and I'm so excited.
I absolutely love baseball and I think I love it even more this year because Kameron was such a big fan (hmmm...maybe it will do the Dbacks good to have a huge fan on the other side to help 'em out.)
It is SO much fun to have baseball on my tv again. I honestly have been in the best mood today because it's the first game of the season. It's also making me somewhat homesick to be in Arizona. But, I'll get to atleast a few games this season so I can look forward to that. I'm just thrilled it's baseball season.

On Saturday ... I'm going on a cruise. I cannot WAIT.
Me and my good friend, April, are going together.
We are leaving from San Diego and will be going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
I'm really super excited. I'm a little nervous because honestly, the ocean scares me.
BUT - I am excited to just relax and have fun for 5 days. I cannot WAIT! In Cabo we will do a city tour (and shopping and yummy food) and then the next day we're doing ziplining and repelling. I've got SO much work to do to get ready but Saturday can't come soon enough!

I cannot WAIT to take my final and have a break from school. I've loved being in school but, I've got some serious spring fever. I'm actually really going to miss going to institute every week. But, it's been a good semester, I'm just ready for a little break. 

Summer. Enough said.