Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bon Voyage

for a few days any ways.

Kameron has been transferred to Northwest Medical Center in Tucson. So, I'm headed to Tucson for several days to be with him and get this stuff figured out!!

Some good news:

The few treatments that they started here were already helping him feel better. I think they're just medicine's.

Dr. Montierth thinks that Kameron has a very stubborn and difficult virus that is causing him to have fevers and lose so much weight. It has also been messing up his blood. They even had to give him a blood transfusion but, he's on a blood cleanser medicine right now. And after they find the virus, he'll get better FAST!

His liver may not be failing - YAY! We are pretty sure he has hemochromotosis (the iron thing remember?) and it has been damaging his liver but, not to the point of failure.

All good news! So, at this new hospital we have 3 goals:

Find and kill this nasty virus.
Determine if it most definately is hemochromotosis and fix it.
Get Lupus under control.

And then my wonderful hubby gets to come home!!!!

So - tomorrow morning I'm OFF!

Bon Voyage! (or whatever I should be saying)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I decided we have too many depressing posts! So, here's a Happy Easter post to everyone!!

We ran short on time and Kason didn't want to take pictures so, these are the best we got.

Kason in his Easter outfit and his Easter bucket:


Mom & Kason:


Kason playing with his Easter bucket:


We had a good Easter. My mom was here for a couple days which was SO nice. I feel like I can start the week on top of things (my laundry's done, the house is clean, the cupboards are stocked - thanks mom!) And Kameron's parents were here today. It was such a beautiful day today - I'm lovin' the weather!!

AND ... Kason learned to WALK!!! That's right! He had been taking a few steps here and there but now he's close to pro. Here's a picture. I have got to figure out how to post a video.

(not quite sure what's up with his goofy face!!)

But, it was a great weekend. I always love going to church on Easter Sunday. ESPECIALLY this year. It always strengthens my testimony as we're reminded of the sacrifices that our Heavenly Father and Savior made for us. It really hit home this year because of everything that we have been going through. It is such a strength to know that our Savior loves us so much that He was willing to suffer for everything we are going through. All our grief & emotions, Kameron's pain, everything ... He has been there and He knows how we feel now. There has never been a doubt in my mind that at times like these we always have love and support from our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. And I will always be grateful for that.

A couple things that really touched me today as I listened to the Sacrament talks are:

~ Someone ALWAYS has it worse off than you. No matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone out there who is going through a harder time than you. So, count your blessings.

~ If it weren't for Easter - we would have no Christmas to celebrate. I'm not sure if I got that word for word but Brother Palmer said that in his talk today and it really made me realize the blessing that the Savior is in our lives. It makes me sad to think that so many people in the world only celebrate his life for 2 days a year. And even then it's so commercialized that it's hard to believe they're really celebrating Christ.

I love our Savior more than anything and I am so grateful for the wonderful example He is to each one of us.

Jesus Christ

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quick Update

At Kameron's appointment on Thursday he had lost 2 more pounds. It was SO frustrating to all of us. We shoved so much food in him and he still lost weight. THANKFULLY - Dr. Montierth is going to hold off on putting him in the hospital because he is really wanting him to see a couple specialists this next week. We're going to see a hepatologist who will hopefully be able to tell us how bad his liver is and also he will be able to tell us if Kameron has hemochromotosis (I don't know if I spelled that right) What that is, is a disease where his body has a hard time getting rid of iron. It stores it mostly in his liver. It is one of the main causes of liver failure. So ... after we see that doctor and his rheumatologist (she's been helping us get his lupus under control) then we'll know a lot more about what is going on and what is going to happen. Things are looking a lot more promising. It's just hard to watch Kameron be in so much pain and be so uncomfortable and there is nothing I can do but play the waiting game. I am glad we have good doctor's we're working with who I have a lot of faith in or this would be a lot harder. I guess it pays to live in a large LDS community at times like this!!


Also, I know I will never have the time (or energy) to personally thank all of you for you well-wishes and prayers. So, I want to let you all know how much we really appreciate your prayers at this difficult time in our lives. We are truely blessed with wonderful family and friends who are a great support to us. So, thank you so very much from our little Haban Ohana. We love you guys!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

100th post update

Wow - what a great thing to have to write on my 100th post ... Well, here goes.

Yesterday, Kameron went to his surgeon for a follow-up appointment. When he got there, both Dr. Carter and our PCP (Dr. Montierth) were there. As you know, when they removed Kameron's gall bladder they did a biopsy on his liver. We originally thought everything came back okay on it. After lots more tests, we're learning different ...

Kameron's liver is in the early stages of liver failure. Their main concern right now, is his weight loss. When he left the hospital (2 Saturdays ago) he weighed 134. Yesterday, he only weighed 119. So, they have given him until tomorrow (Thursday) to gain atleast 1 or 2 pounds. If he hasn't gained any weight when he goes in, they will have to admit him to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for more testing and treatment. He would probably be there for 1-2 months. If he recieves the treatment but his liver rejects it ... they are giving him 4-6 months to live.

Yesterday, I was a wreck. Today, I am doing much better. After praying, reading scriptures and patriarchal blessings last night, and fasting today. I am able to feel a lot more optimistic about everything. I also know that I need to positive because if something were to happen & I had been negative this whole time, I would regret it more than anything. So, know that we're doing okay. Just trying to spend time together and prepare ourselves for what the next few months hold for our family.

The hardest part is the uncertainty of everything. But, I know that if we put our lives in the Lord's hands, everything will be okay. This is definately a faith strengthening trial. I appreciate your prayers for our family and will try to keep you updated if I have time.

We love you all!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kites, Bubbles & Cuteness

It was really windy for a couple days last week so, when my mom was here she bought Kason a kite. So, on Saturday, we went to the park to fly a kite!

(I think it's funny that he picked a Thomas the Train kite - we've never even see that movie before!)

I don't think he really got the idea of flying a kite - he was really interested in all the birthday parties going on.


Plus, it was a $1.00 kite - and it seriously never got much higher than this ... or maybe I just don't know how to fly a kite!!!


But all in all - we had lots of fun.


Awhile back I had gotten some bubbles from somewhere and I thought Kason would love them He thought they were so fascinating! We play with them every once in while and he is starting to get the idea that he can pop them!!



And the cuteness of our little boy ...

It's moments like this that I wouldn't trade for anything. Seeing my husband and son just spend time together. I LOVE it!!

Raiding the fridge:
He is getting pretty good at building towers. He built this all by himself!!


And I just think his face is so cute in this picture!!! He is such a goofy boy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Kameron FINALLY was able to come home today!! YAY!!! He was in the hospital for SIX days!! He was about to lose his mind he was so bored. Unfortunately, I had to be in Sierra Vista for a modbe boutique so, Kameron's dad came up and brought him home as soon as he was discharged. So, I didn't even bring him home or get to see him until 4:00 today!! But, we're so glad he's home.

He is doing really good. He is just super exhausted. And he keeps trying to show me his incisions and I just don't want to see them!!

But, we're all home together again and VERY excited!!
Thank you for all of your support. We really appreciate all of your love and friendships!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

just found out ...

Kameron's liver biopsy came back perfectly normal! so, now we just need him home :o)

on another "note"

I love this kid ...

I think he is A-MA-ZING!! If he doesn't win it all I will be so suprised.
I definately think he will have a record deal by the end of the season and I'm impressed by Simon's prediction that he will be in the top two!!

So, that's my prediction. I think David Archuleta, 17 year old Mormon boy from little ole' Murray Utah, is going to be our next American Idol. And I'm totally fine with that. He is just amazing.

quick update

The surgery went really well!! Kameron is recovering fine. He's tired and ready to come home but, he's doing good.

So, yesterday was Kameron's planned discharge date. Didn't happen. He had spiked a fever of 103 and had some swelling so, they did a CT scan and ran some other tests and said they were going to keep him one more night.

Then, I talked to him about an hour ago and he said they're keeping him for one MORE night because he spiked another really high fever last night.

He's so frustrated and so am I. We all just want him to be able to come hom. But, Dr. Christensen said it's for the best and they are just taking all the precautions they can.

Kameron did have a visit from our Stake President (Dr. Kartchner) ... I told Kameron that he's special, I'm pretty sure not everyone in the stake gets visited by the Stake President when there in the hospital. Kameron told me he was probably just making his rounds, noticed Kameron's name and since he knows him, decided to stop in and check on him. Now let's just hope we don't get billed for that visit!! :o)

Speaking of bills ... UGH. I am SO frustrated with our insurance company. We're getting claims for things that should have been covered by insurance but they denied. And they're saying that Kameron's lupus is a pre-exisitng condition so they can't pay for anything relating to that. But, it's totally not true. Our insurance kicked in December 1st and he was diagnosed with lupus on December 12th-ish. I am SO dreading calling them. I will have to do that next week when I'm off babysitting and Kameron is home.

So - that's our life as of this morning. I'll keep you updated :o)

Monday, March 3, 2008

I guess it's time that I should update everyone on what has been going on in our family.

Several months ago Kameron started having joint pains and being really exhausted all the time. We thought it was just his job, since it can be very physically demanding. But, when different symptoms kept appearing, we decided it was something more.

After numerous blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, and doctor's visits, we had a diagnosis. Kameron was diagnosed with Lupus. I honestly don't know very much about it, even after everything the doctor's have told me. All I know is he is in a lot of pain all of the time.

On top of his Lupus, he has gall stones and a mass on his liver. The gall stones give him so much pain.This past weekend was the worst I'd seen him. He could barely get out of bed he was in so much pain. He couldn't eat or drink anything and if he did manage that, he would just throw it up later.

So, this morning I told him he either needed to go to the ER or just go see our family doctor. He chose the later. Luckily they were able to get him in within the hour. He went to the doctor at 8:50 and called me at 9:10 and said they were admitting him to the hospital.

Kameron is at the hospital. I am at home. I can't take Kason into the hospital because of RSV and flu risk. They are doing emergency surgery to take his gall bladder out. At that time they will do a biopsy on his liver. Kameron's parents are heading up here. And then I can go to the hospital to be with Kameron. The Bishop and the Elder's Quorum President are headed to the hospital to give him a blessing.

It has all been such a rollarcoaster of emotions. Sorry if nothing makes sense, I just thought I should get it out so everyone knows. Plus, it feels better to be able to write it. Kind of theraputic. I'll keep everyone updated with how the surgery goes.

I am grateful for our ward. All I had to do was call the bishops wife and I have offers for meals, babysitters, blessings and just the simple words of "I love you, everything will be okay." I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful ward.