Thursday, March 6, 2008

quick update

The surgery went really well!! Kameron is recovering fine. He's tired and ready to come home but, he's doing good.

So, yesterday was Kameron's planned discharge date. Didn't happen. He had spiked a fever of 103 and had some swelling so, they did a CT scan and ran some other tests and said they were going to keep him one more night.

Then, I talked to him about an hour ago and he said they're keeping him for one MORE night because he spiked another really high fever last night.

He's so frustrated and so am I. We all just want him to be able to come hom. But, Dr. Christensen said it's for the best and they are just taking all the precautions they can.

Kameron did have a visit from our Stake President (Dr. Kartchner) ... I told Kameron that he's special, I'm pretty sure not everyone in the stake gets visited by the Stake President when there in the hospital. Kameron told me he was probably just making his rounds, noticed Kameron's name and since he knows him, decided to stop in and check on him. Now let's just hope we don't get billed for that visit!! :o)

Speaking of bills ... UGH. I am SO frustrated with our insurance company. We're getting claims for things that should have been covered by insurance but they denied. And they're saying that Kameron's lupus is a pre-exisitng condition so they can't pay for anything relating to that. But, it's totally not true. Our insurance kicked in December 1st and he was diagnosed with lupus on December 12th-ish. I am SO dreading calling them. I will have to do that next week when I'm off babysitting and Kameron is home.

So - that's our life as of this morning. I'll keep you updated :o)

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urkov fam said...

gosh jami, i am so sorry about everyhthing you are going thru. i am glad the surgery went ok and he is doing a little better. what did they say about the biopsy of his liver? heard anything yet. about the whole insurance thing....FIGHT IT!! i had surgery last year too and same thing...we were getting billed for a lot of stuff they should have covered. i called everyday until we got it all worked out. my bill went from thousands of dollars to just a couple hundred. stay on top of it and fight til the end, dont give in and pay anything until it is resubmitted. they cant get away with it! let me kow if you need any other help. hang in there and you will be in my prayers.

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