Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Burglar's

Okay, I just have to start of by thanking my parents for being such great example's to me as I was growing up. It makes such a huge difference in a child's life when they have positive role models in their life. It shows they really care. So, thank you for that Mom & Dad.

Now, 20 year old Andrew Bell is not as fortunate as me. His father, Joseph, is a horrible example. In fact it is Andrew and Joseph who broke in to our storage unit and stole our personal things! YES! A FATHER AND SON!!! I can't believe that this dad was okay with his son being a burglar. I was a little sad for Andrew and his lack of example, but then I thought of all the things that they took and how they violated our privacy and I don't feel bad for him at all. He had the choice, regardless of his upbringing. He could have turned around and been the good example for his dad and prevented all of this. They wouldn't of have had to spend time in jail or post a total of $20,000 bond. And I hope that they have a horrible trial and get some good time in jail. So, here's the article that was in the Courier.

As I look at the picture I noticed some other things that are there that belong to us. Do you think the police will let me collect everything? I wonder how they are going to work it all. Is there going to be a "claiming party" for the victims, along with punch and cookies? Where we can all just go and browse through the things a claim our property? That would be really nice because I haven't a clue of everything that was in there!! I am certain there are things that I have forgotten about. I guess we just have to wait for the investigation to finish. Maybe I could just ask them for atleast my Christmas decorations back before Christmas. That reminds me, I think our Christmas tree was in there too!! Oh how I loathe those boys. (I call them boys because men would know better and would be smarter about their choices). So, that is the most current update. More are to follow I am sure. I feel like I am in Law & Order: Small Town Crimes. It's kind of exciting. I guess it's only exciting because we know that eventually we will be getting our things back. Oh the thrills of small towns!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Daddy's Love

Kameron has been home alot lately and Kason LOVES it! He really enjoys spending time with his daddy. I love watching them together. Kason just lights up when Kameron walks into a room. It is so much fun watching Kameron be a dad.

Taking a nap together:
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Watching Baby Einstein before bed tonight:
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There is nothing in the world as precious as a Daddy's love for his son. Thank you Kameron for being such a wonderful father to Kason. He adores you more than anything!!

8 Months

Our little guy is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!! He is so much fun. He suprised us one morning with another tooth cutting through. We didn't even notice it because it hadn't been bothering him!! So, he now has 3 teeth!

He also ...

Walks while there's something to hold on to.
Waves bye-bye &

He is the cutest little guy EVER!

Here is is playing in the buckets from my bulk food order. He thought it was so much fun :o)

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And our County Fair was this past weekend & my mom was here so we all went together. Kason had fun. He loved all the lights and the animals. I always enjoy it but I didn't like all the smoke and all the people. OR the cost of food!! My goodness it was expensive! But, it was still fun. I'm glad we were able to go. Kason was so worn out by the end of the night though!!!
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Thanks Mom!!!

This 'Thank You' is LONG overdue to my mom!! We got this package in the mail a while back full of goodies for Kason, me, Kameron and even our dogs!! We LOVED it!
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Elder Eyring

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Back in September Elder Eyring (now President Eyring!) was here in Thatcher to dedicate the clock tower at E.A.C. It was a quick ceremony but it was really neat to see him and hear him speak about the college and what a great school it is! It was HOT but, it was still a really neat day! I'm glad we were able to go and see this!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Burglary 101

Tips to successful burglary:

1. Don't keep obvious evidence in your house.
2. Don't break into 10 different places in one day.
3. Don't steal sentimental personal items.
4. Don't burglarize storage units.
And last ... and most importantly ...
5. Don't EVER burglarize the HABAN FAMILY!!

So, Wednesday night I get a call from the owners of our storage unit that we have in Central. The call goes like this:

Martha: Hi, is this Jami?
Me: Yes.
Martha: *sigh* Jami, I'm afraid I have some bad news. I'm calling to let you know that your storage unit is missing it's lock. When I closed up this evening your unit and one other unit were without locks. I peaked inside and I can see that there are still things in it but, I'm not sure if anything is missing.
Jami: uh-huh
Martha: So, I've put a lock on it for now but, I'm going to need you to replace it. Would you like to meet me down there tonight or in the morning?
Jami: The morning should be fine. I'll call you before we plan on heading out there. Thank you for letting me know.
Martha: Thank you. Good-bye.

After hanging up I started thinking of everything that was in our storage unit...
- Kameron's La-Z-Boy chair that I got him for our wedding. We just don't have room for it in our house.
- All my Christmas tree ornaments from the year I was born until last year. These are very sentimental things to me. Each year my mom and/or Grandma would give us each an ornament so they all have special meaning.
- Our Christmas tree
- Our loveseat
- Our other couch
- A bed
- A desk ... (I'm starting to think we have way to much furniture!!)
- Some of Kason's baby things from when he was little
- And the list could go on and on.

Since my mind started thinking about all these things I decided I had to go look and see what all was missing or I may not sleep that night. I called Martha and asked her if we could meet her.

After buying a new lock we drove out to our unit to see what was missing. As soon as the door was opened I noticed that the La-Z-Boy chair was missing. (strike 1) Then I went inside and noticed that one of our boxes of Christmas decorations was missing. (strike 2) As I opened the other box, I realized that the missing box was the one containing ALL of my ornaments. (strike 3)

I cried the whole way home. I cried as I called my mom. And I cried for a good 10 minutes after that. I felt SO violated. Why would someone choose OUR unit? Why would they take MY ornaments? What sentimental value do they have to THEM? none. It didn't make sense and I couldn't believe it had really happened. I probably cried myself to sleep that night.

Thursday morning I called the Sheriff's Department to file a report. They told me a Sheriff would be in contact with us shortly. Sure enough, Kameron called about 15 minutes later and told me that the Sheriff called and told us we need to put together a list of everything that was missing from the unit.
Alright, I got to work putting together a list of everything missing. That includes ALL the ornaments that were missing and all the Christmas decorations that were gone. Not an easy task considering that fact that there were atleast 22 ornaments in that box!!

Then, later that morning Martha calls me. She says we need to take our old key to the Sheriff's office. They think they may have a lead. So, off we go.

After 10 minutes of the secretary trying to figure out what we were talking about, she decided it would be easier to just go get the Sheriff. Sheriff Boyd comes out to talk to us. We find out that the night before (wednesday!) they got a search warrant on a house were they found tons of cut locks, and lots of random merchandise. Hmmm .... sound a bit fishy?! So, they took our list and our old key to match it up to one of the locks & to keep it for evidence. We went home feeling a lot more hopeful then we went in.

Later that day, Sheriff Boyd called us back. This was the phone call we had been wanting!! He told us that they think they found everything on our list!! (YAY!) It will still take a while to complete the investigation but, from what he can see, everything on our list is still there!

I couldn't believe it. It was such a relief!! I had been such a horrible Wednesday night. I was SO grateful that they caught this crook. I still can't believe we were burglarized. It's just one of the crazy stories that we will look back on one day a laugh about! We get victim's rights too so, if there is a trial (and believe you me ... THERE HAD BETTER BE A TRIAL!!) ... I'll be at that trial!!