Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let's Eat!

Kason has tried every fruit and veggie! He LOVES his veggies! His favorite is probably peas and sweet potatoes and his favorite fruit is bananas ... but, he HATES peaches!!! He won't eat them and he cries everytime I try feeding them to him ... they must be too sour.

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And, I've started giving him water in a sippy cup and he wants it with him all day. He does really good with it! He'll even hold his sippy cup by himself even though he won't hold his bottle yet!!

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The Evans Family said...

What a good boy, eating his veggies! I remember Hannah LOVED her veggies! She only made funny faces when she ate fruit, probably cause, like you said, they are more sour. And that is AWESOME that he's doing so well with his sippy cup! Just a tip....get him started EARLY drinking his milk from the sippy cup!!! I have been trying to get Hannah to drink her milk from a sippy cup since she was 9 MONTHS OLD, and she would REFUSE to do it! I would keep trying every so often...but NOPE! Only just recently, like within the last few weeks, will she drink milk from a sippy!!! She still has a bottle every morning and night.....and she's TWO! So yeah...I would work on that EARLY!!! :-)

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