Thursday, August 9, 2007

We're Off!

This weekend we're taking a little break from life. We get to something both Kameron and I love to do. It's our little escape from the everyday life of cooking, cleaning and working. We get to travel. I am so excited to have a time to get away before everything starts happening in the next few weeks. Next week I start babysitting a little girl across the street. College will start for Kameron in a couple weeks. I am starting my little business this month (which way to stressful for my liking). And it just seems like when school starts for everyone else, things start to get crazy for me. Plus August is just a busy month anyways. So, we're going to Phoenix Friday morning to do some shopping and just relax and have fun. I really want to go to IKEA and the mall. I've been having a huge urge to shop lately so we'll have FUN! Then, we got a hotel for the weekend down there. Then Saturday morning Kason and I will head to the airport where we fly to Utah that morning. I love airports. Regardless of all the added security and everything they are so much fun. And for some reason, airport food is just so yummy. It tastes better than ever. Kameron will stay in Phoenix for the weekend. His parents are coming up from Sierra Vista so, he'll hang out with them. Then Kason and I will spend the weekend in Utah at a family reunion. The main reason we're going is so people can meet Kason. It will be fun to see everyone up there. I just feel bad about Kameron being stuck in Phoenix while we're gone. But, we fly home Sunday evening and then we will head back to Thatcher! I am excited. I haven't hardly done anything to get ready. I'm just barely getting through the laundry and then I've still got to pack everything and double (or triple) check everything to make sure we're set! And then first thing tomorrow morning - we're off!!!

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Ted & Kelly said...

sorry if took me FOREVER to get back to you but, funky frum is adorible. i don't actually ever order anything from there, but i would love to. ... someday, when my husband is out of college. (we all say these kids of things a lot, huh??)

Have a fun on your vacation-get-away-from-life!! ... We're leaving Monday and I'm PSYCHED!

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