Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Curse of Check #1029 and register #22 ...

So, this afternoon I go to Wal-mart ... let me outline my trip for you.

3:55 - Leave house
4:00 - Get to Wal-mart, return some items and do shopping
4:30 - Finish shopping, go to check out. I chose register #26 but, the cashier at #22 waved at me & said he could help me, and he had no line so, I went.
4:35 - Debit machine doesn't work
4:36 - I write a check.
4:37 - Machine for reading checks doesn't work.
4:38 - Cashier calls CSM
4:40 - CSM finally shows up, tries to fix everything still doesn't work.
4:45 - Cashier says, "Alright, we'll just go to another register and finish
everything up. I gave you your check right?"

I say, "Nope. I gave it to you and that's the last I've seen it."
4:46 - The search for the check begins. Now, during the next HOUR several managers, CSM's and other Walmart employees join in the search for my missing check #1029. Several solutions were offered:

"You could just leave and we could keep and eye our for it and
you if it turns up." ...
Um, no thanks I don't think I'm really
comfortable with that! I don't want one of my checks floating around
Walmart with all of my information on it. Who knows who's hands it
could end up in.
"Well, can't you just put a stop on it?" ...
And be charged a $25 fee for a stopped check? No thank you.
"Just forget about it." ...
Again, no thank you. I am not going to wonder what happened to my check AND pay twice for the same items.
Back to the search ...
These people seriously searched EVERYWHERE! The garbage, behind the soda machine, inside the drawer, inside the scanner, under the candy display ... everywhere. No check #1029. At one point a manager says, "Okay, well let me see where we need to go from here."

5:30 - They decide to check the film footage from register #22.
5:45 - They call us (me, Kason, and the cashier) into the security office to watch the film.
5:46 - We watch the film and try to figure out where the dreaded check #1029 is!
5:48 - A "support manager" walks in a says, "I FOUND IT! It was in the VERY BOTTOM of the trash of register #22"
5:49 - Apologies are given by managers
5:50 - I finally am able to pay AND complete my transaction
5:51 - I quickly leave the store.

TWO HOURS!!! I could not believe it. Apparently when the first CSM came to help and try to fix the machine he accidentally grabbed my check and crumbled it up with some other scraps of paper and threw it in the garbage.

Thankfully Kason was a perfect baby through all of this and just sat there watching everyone. I just couldn't believe it was happening to me though. The stupid thing is, apparently no one at Walmart communicates (suprise, suprise) and each time a new manger or CSM would walk by they had NO idea what was going on! It's like, "Come on people, use those walkie talkies!"

I hate Walmart. I pray we get a Target. This would never happen at Target ... would it?


Janiel said...

holy crap...that sounds horific! i too agree with you about hating wal-mart, and hope someday we get a target! maybe if they trained their CSM's better, they wouldn't have a huge problem. But what can we do?

Kelly said...

no. no, that would never happen at target. and if it did, you could at least go to walmart next time to soothe your troubled soul. even having another option would make things better, no?

plus target is the best store ever.

sorry about your frustration. that's devilish of them.

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Crappy! I hate that place sometimes!!

Jace & Erin said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You've got to be joking! I would be furious. I too hate Walmart. There's not enough organization (or training) for the amount of people they have working there. And the solutions they offered? Like you're really going to leave your check?! Come on people!

Spencer and Marlee said...

WOW!! That is terrible! I can't believe it! Jamie I also love target! You better move to Sierra Vista. There is a target here!

Becky and Nathan said...

Hey! You have a blog. It's fun finding everyone on here. Cute page.

Michael And Ashley said...

Sadly, I didn't heed your advice. I went to Wal-Mart today, went to checkstand 22 and ended up waiting 20 minutes for a price check on a two pack of baby gowns. Wow, twenty minutes for $8.82.

Lady said...

I bought a brand new bookcase a t wal mart for $150. All they had left was the display, so I bought it because it matches my armoire. On they way out (after waiting for 3 hours, I kid you not, to just purchase it) they employees dropped it. It shattered. After waiting for HOURS, we went home empty handed. I'm still mad about it. And I still want my bookcase.

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