Friday, November 2, 2007

CrAzY Week!!

Starting Last Weekend ... we have had a crazy busy week! And we're not about to hit the breaks yet!!! Last Friday night Kameron and I FINALLY went on a date, just us. Stephanie watched Kason while Kameron and I went goofy golfing (Kam beat me by TWO points!! AHHH!) And then we went and had steak and ribs at the golf course country club here. It was YUMMY!

Saturday was BUSY! First we went to the Harvest Festival and Kason was in a costume contest. I am bitter about this ... the baby who won was related one of the judges!! Kason SO should have one. It makes me mad! Here he is in his moose costume I made: (I will post better pictures in a later post ... he hated his hat so it was hard to take pictures of him)

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Then, Kason and I went to a Pampered Chef party. I mostly go for the food. They have YUMMY recipes! But, there are a few things I'll order.

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And then, we had the EAC Homecoming Game! They had delicious Indian Fry Bread (SO good!) and we killed Pima College.
with daddy:
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tuckered out from the long day ... until we scored a touchdown and they shot off fireworks. Oh well, it was a good power nap!
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with mom:
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That was our CRAZY Saturday last week! Busy Busy Busy!!


Maranda Whittle said...

How cute. Kason should have won the contest!!

Becky and Nathan said...

aaah, a date, that sounds nice. I think it's been years. Sad. Wanna babysit tonight? Just kidding. Cute moose. Stupid judge.

k.c. said...

cute cute cute pictures & what a week! yay for dates, though. i'm constantly amazed at how infrequently people with kids get to go on dates. one of the 2 or 3 downfalls that doesn't matter because the kids are AMAZING!!

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