Saturday, April 19, 2008

Few Questions ...

#1. What is the website that you can go to and have a book made of your blog?? Has anyone done it? Can you include all the pictures? Can you pick and choose what posts you want put in the book? Is it resonably priced? {Becky I think you were the one that told me about this!!}

#2. Everytime I try to change our background it deletes everything that is on the right side. How do I do it WITHOUT deleting all that stuff?! It really is a pain to have to track down everyone's addresses again. But, I'm getting sick of our background. HELP!

#3. On a lot of blogs you guys have that thing where you have to type in a bunch of random letters before you can post a comment. How do you do that?! I want that on my comments so weird computer comments can't be left.

Thanks ... K ~ keep going down.


emily said...

My try:

1. does it, and you can be in control quite a bit. Pretty reasonable, cost-wise.

2. I don't know about the losing the sidebar things... sorry!!

3. You go to your settings page and explore a bit-- it's under the "comments" part, under "word verification".

Hop that helps!

Becky said...

Looks like she covered it. The one I told you about was

As for the sidebar, some peoples premade layouts will delete some of your stuff. Annoying. will not delete any of your stuff. The only thing is, alot of people use it so you may have the same background as a couple of people.

Also, teaches you how to make your own. I've started trying to do that.

Maranda Whittle said... doesn't delete your sidebar either. That's where I get my backgrounds from.

Susan said...

Thanks for asking this question Jami, cause I've been wondering the same thing! Now I'm getting all my answers through your friends!

Maranda Whittle said...

Hey, I'm not sending out invitaions this year, but we are having a Birthday party for Dylan in 2 weeks. May 3rd. He's gonna be 4. Can you guys come??? Let me know. It will be at my house.

Karli said...


I have the Sleepytime Messages CD. The best way to get your little guy to sleep on his own is the "extinction rule" - I've read about this in many books. Once you put him in his bed to go to sleep... DON'T go back in. He may scream for quite a while, but if you are consistent in not returning the screaming sessions will shorten. What we did (after bedtime routine) is turn out the lights, turn on his CD, lay him down, give him his sippie cup with water, blanket on top, and leave.

Let me know if you have more questions.

BTW, the blurb thing is AWESOME! My sister did it and I love it! What a great way to journal and you can print one off for each kid (when we have more) so that they have documentation of their childhood years too.

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