Saturday, April 19, 2008

i miss this kid so bad!


This is our little brother, Elder Daniel Haban, who is serving his mission in the Portland Oregon Spanish Speaking Mission. And, I miss him! It is so fun to get his letters every week to see what he is up to. He's such a good kid and I'm so proud of him for serving a mission. You can tell, just through his letters how much he has grown as a young man, and he hasn't even been out a year!

When he was at E.A.C. it was so fun to have him over. Oh, and he LOVES Kason. Here he is with Kason the day he was born (look how LITTLE Kason is!)


Daniel has given Kason the nickname of "Kasonito" [meaing: little Kason]. He is a great uncle to our little boy! I really do love this kid. And I know it's a ways away but, I can't wait for him to get home. Love you Elder!

I am very lucky to have married in to a great family with AMAZING brothers. Our other brother, Matt, has been AWESOME during these past few months. He is so willing to watch Kason anytime he can and he has helped us out SO much And Kason absolutely LOVES his Uncle Matt.



[by the way ... he's single ladies and I'm in need of a sister ... so don't be shy! you know you think he's a stud!]

In the Fall, Matt is going to BYU Hawaii and we're going to miss him so bad! ESPECIALLY Kason! What is he going to do without any uncles around?!

Funny story about Matt. In college, I knew Kameron from the singles ward and I think we had hung out a few times. But, I didn't know that he had a little brother going to EA too (Matt). Kameron and Matt get mistaken for each other a LOT because they look so much alike.

Well, Matt used to work at the Post Office here in Thatcher. And one day I went in to check my mail and Matt was in the lobby working. So, I get my mail and on my way out I said "Hey, how are you?" (to Matt who I thought was Kameron) And Matt just looked at me like I was crazy, gave a half-hearted smile and waved then went back to work.

I walked out of there SO confused. I didn't understand why he had acted like that.

Well, Kameron and I started dating the next semester and I found out he had a little brother that had gone to EA but, was on a mission yada yada yada. Well, I obviously put the puzzle pieces together and realized that it was really Matt in the Post Office and not Kameron, just being rude. And lookie now - he's my bro!

Here are all 3 Haban Boys right after Matt got home from his mission in the Phillipines:


And Daniel and Matt on Kason's blessing day:


I love these two guys and I'm grateful to have them as my brothers!! They're amazing guys and I've learned a lot from both of them.

By they way, I love my biological brothers too, but they already knew that ;o)


Maranda Whittle said...

Wow, they all look so much a like! And Kason is so little! They grow up soooooooo fast!!

Katie Elliott said...

I love those boys are so lucky to have them as your family. These boys are some of the most amazing people ever.

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