Monday, August 4, 2008

Jobs ... Anyone?

Does anybody know of ANY jobs in the valley that are open??
Pays good, decent hours, good company.

Kameron can do anything - he's like a
"jack of all trades"
... seriously.

oh, but he cannot work outside for extended periods of time.

ANY help is appreciated!!


The Regimballe Family said...

I'll watch for some and let you know. We are so excited at the idea of you guys moving close! Any of the interviews pan out?

Becky said...

I hate to see you guys leave, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Good Luck!

Julina said...

I wish he was an occupational therapist... in Indiana... - I'm on the opposite side of the "desparate job search". Sigh.

I hope you guys and I both find what we need as soon as possible. We'll just have to keep praying...

Take care.

Scott and Candice Moore said...

I know you don't know us Jamie but Kameron knew Scott and I at EAC anyways he wanted me to let you know that there are two openings as a Corrections Officer for Pima County Sheriff's Department here in Ajo, Az. Starting Pay is almost $18 I know it is not the valley but it is a great job with excellent health benefits and it is an airconditoned building it is a small jail. Mainly just locals and those passing through to Rocky Point and Illeagal's. If Kameron in interested let us know and we can get you more information!

Sara Hollobaugh said...

HMMM.... I will keep my eyes and ears open. It has become difficult to find a good job with a good company anymore. However I am sure there is the perfect job out there!!

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