Monday, October 6, 2008

Quirky Jami

Susan and Ashley tagged me with the same thing ... 6 quirky things about ME!

1. I can't sleep with my feet covered. They ALWAYS have to be outside of the sheet/blanket.

2. I can't go to bed unless my kitchen is SPOTLESS. Clean sink, dishwasher filled, stove cleaned - I gotta do it all!

3. I seriously think I have Restless Leg Sydrome. Kameron says its not a real syndrome but, I think it is. It's usually when I'm laying down or just relaxing - I just move my leg(s). Sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it, alot of times, when we're in bed Kameron will have to ask me to stop shaking the bed. (whoops!)

4. When I drink water it has to be FREEZING cold or it makes me sick and I can't drink it.

5. I always take a shower the same way (wash hair, condition hair {leave conditioner in}, wash body with soap, rinse hair, wash face, wash body with body wash, shave legs - DONE!) ... if I don't do it in this order I get all discombobulated and my shower takes double the time as usual.

6. I am a craft perfectionist. I LOVE to do crafty stuff but, they have to end up perfect or everytime I look at it I'm kicking myself for not doing it perfectly. It usually takes me hours to do a simple craft for this reason. (this is also to reason I try not to scrapbook to often {despite the fact that i love it!}, it would probably take me years to just finish a whole book!)


HollySteffen said...

i seriously think rls is a real thing. my husband TOTALLY has it and i have to ask him to stop bc its SO ANNOYING when im trying to sleep!!


Erin said...

Restless Leg Syndrom is totally real!! I had it so bad when I was pregnant. It's like you have to more your leg or shake it or something or you'll go crazy!

Karli said...

OK this comment is totally random, but I noticed that in the blogs you follow is Kris Pulsipher's family - how do you know them? Kris is my 1st cousin! Small world!

Allison said...

I too HAVE to drink my water freezing cold... I will fill my glass with ice cubes in order to drink it!

Sean and Erin said...

Jami, I wish we had known each other better at EA because this sounds exactly like me (except for the blanket thing) And RLS is real, I have it too--it happens more in women than men.

Nancy Brown said...

I love you random things.

I tagged you to keep you going.

Susan said...

Yeah I think I had RLS when I was pregnant. It was so frustrating! I'm the same way about the shower thing too. If I don't do things in the same order, I'll forget something!

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