Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

So, I have a confession ... Kason wasn't Yoda.
I know - how horrible am I?!

But, let me explain ...

We went to the store to look at Yoda costumes and while we were rummaging through the racks of them all, I cam across a Thomas the Train costume. Kason LOVES Thomas so, I pulled it out and said, "Look Kason! It's Choo-Choo!" ... That was my mistake right there. He grabbed it with his death grip and walked around the store smiling and saying, "choo-choo!". He looked so happy with his Thomas the Train that I decided ... he needs to be Thomas. Besides, I couldn't find a Yoda costume.

So, instead of paying $20 for a Thomas the train costume that really wasn't that cute, I spent maybe $10 and made him one! We bought him overalls and a little train engineer hat. It all turned out really cute. Too bad he hated it and only wore it for MAYBE 10 minutes the whole night.

We had a fun halloween though. We went with Stephanie, Laela and Mason, and the rest of her family, to the school carnival here. We got maybe 5 pieces of candy from the Trunk or Treat. We ate 50 cent hot dogs and popcorn and Kason got to pet some goats.

Then we went to our wards Trunk or Treat. There weren't as many people there as I remember there being in past years but, it was still fun to see everyone's costumes. After that we went to a few houses of people in the ward. By this time Kason was so exhausted and starving that we decided to call it quits and head home!

It was a good day but, I've decided it's all over-rated. It's so much work for us mom's!!!

Anyways - here's some pictures of our day!

Kason with our scarecrow guy ... like his smile?
Our little train conductor

Honestly, the ONLY picture I got of him wearing his full costume:

Kason checking out the little goats! They were pretty cute.

Kameron and Kason's costumes:

At the Trunk or Treat

Check out this pumpkin Kameron carved for Kason - it's Thomas! Pretty impressive huh?

Kason's Pumpkin!

I made this bag for Kason this year - hopefully it will last for lots of years to come!
All the loot!

Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Erin said...

You are way too crafty! I'm jealous. The bag, the costume... all so cute!

Doug said...

There was a kid dressed as Thomas The Train last night that came to my house and I officially voted him the best costume of the night. I think that's cool!

Alicia said...

Oh man! He looks so good! Nice job. Mom! I love Kameron's costume too. But what about you? What were you? Danny joked that we should go as Dad and Mom. I told him to go get me some Mom pants and then find a sweater vest for himself.

Does that make sense?

My thinking is so muddy.
I've got a cold. And a Halloween hangover.

Susan said...

His costume looks really good! And what a great idea to make a tote bag for candy! I'm stealing that idea for next year!

HollySteffen said...

you are so crafty!!! oooo that totally makes me want to make bags for my kiddos! i think i will!! =]

fabulous job jami

The Welker Family said...

What a cute costume! you did a great job. And the trick-or-treat bag is great! What a crafty lady you are!

emily said...

impressive costume, impressive bag-- nice work, mama!!!


Becky said...

He was a super cute Thomas the Train even if he didn't like it. The pictures make all the work worth it.

Maranda Whittle said...

Good job on the costume, it's really cute!(and the bag) Oh my gosh, Dylan got waaaay to much candy! We were out till 9:30, cuz we were with the older kids. I was soo tired!

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