Friday, November 28, 2008

Modbe ... again.

Modbe is having some great deals on the biggest shopping weekend of the year!!

On Friday:
Pajamas and Swim is on sale
Adult pajama pieces = $15
Kid pajama pieces = $10
Swim tops = $28
Swim bottoms = $15
Swim Skirts = $18

On Saturday:
Modbe Move workout clothes are on sale
Capsleeve shirts = $12
Camis = $10


for 30% use code: WNTRSVNGS

And again, if you enter party #825 - you get and additional 10% off 3 or more items!!

Great deals - and you don't even have to leave your house!


I've been noticing some issues with the 30% off plus 10% off - if this happens just email me ( and I can put your order in for you!!

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The Melo Family said...

I got some stuff... and I'm not sure if the 10% might be too late but email me if you got my order!

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