Friday, November 14, 2008


Last Friday was Time Out for Couples and Kameron and I were blessed enough to be able to attend! It was amazing!

We headed down to Mesa Friday morning and got checked into our hotel (thank you Priceline!) and then we headed to the mall to do a little shopping and get some dinner. Then, we met my mom and she took Kason to Payson for the night.

Then, we headed over to Phoenix for TimeOut! We got stuck in major traffic - I was worried we were going to be super late. But, after making it through the traffic, dodging one-way streets and street closures downtown, we finally made it into a parking garage and over to the Civic Plaza! I was amazed at how many couples were there!! There were easily thousands of people there. We were suprised to see Merri and Richard Regimballe and I saw my Seminary Teacher from my sophomore year, Jared Tenney. And we saw a few people that Kameron knew from Thatcher.

Anyways - it was an AMAZING night!! The speakers, music - everything. It was a perfect night with Kameron!

Richard and Kathleen Walker (she is President Hinckleys daughter!)
They spoke about 3 things to do in your marriage that will make it last:

#1. Men & Women are different. We will always act different, think different and be different - and that is exactly how God intended it. So, we might as well accept that and love our spouses for the different person that they are!
#2. ALWAYS put your spouses happiness before your own. If there was anything I walked away with that night, it was this. I often get caught up in "me, me, me" and I tend to forget what Kameron's wants are. But, this past week, I've tried to focus on Kameron's happiness and wants and I can really tell how much he appreciates that!!!
#3. Truly recieve one another.

We also heard from Doug Brinley, he's a well-known LDS author. He talked about how selfishness will destroy a marriage - no matter what. He also made an interesting point - he showed us how we've waited for over 15,000 years to come to earth and get married, so why would we let anything ruin our eternal marriage - after all our years of waiting for it! I thought that was such a good point!!!

Mark Mabry also spoke - he is the photographer behind 'Reflections of Christ', which is AMAZING. He talked about his experiences while creating 'Reflections of Christ' and how, as he focused on Christ and centered his life around Him - everything else easily fell into place.

Peter Breinholt was the main performer - he is SO talented! I loved listening to his songs and the Spirit they brought.

All the speakers were so entertaining - we were laughing, crying and just enjoying ourselves so much! It was such a perfect night!

Saturday morning we did a session in the temple. I love being in the temple - I could just sit in there all day. It's so peaceful and I love being able to sneek little peeks at Kameron during the session. It was a really good session! And it never fails that we always see people we know from Thatcher!! Gordon and Lisa Thatcher were there doing a session too!

After the temple we went to IKEA, out to lunch at Macaroni Grill and then to Target. Then we headed up to Payson to pick up Kason!

It was such a perfect weekend - we did NOT want to come home!!! We were very grateful to have the tickets and for my mom for watching Kason.

I would love for every weekend to be as perfect as this one! :D


HollySteffen said...

aw, i'm glad you had a great time. you guys really needed a relaxing and spiritually uplifting weekend and it sounds like you got just that!!

Alicia said...

I would love to go to that with Danny sometime. Thanks for sharing your notes!

Merri said...

What a small world-seeing you guys there! Sorry we had to run out afterwards-hungry baby at home. It was a great "time out!" Good to see you!

Mary Ann said...

That DOES sound like a perfect weekend! I love the 3 points you shared! I have been to time out for women and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. temple, maccoroni grill, ikea, target... those are some of my favorite places! Glad you had a good weekend!

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