Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to the simple life ...

{Kason & Matt relaxing on the EAC grass}

A couple weekends ago, we headed up to Thatcher to go to Spring Sing and see some friends up there.

It was SO nice to be back in a small, laid back town. I had gotten so used the hustle and bustle of living in a bigger city and had forgotten how relaxing life was when we lived in Thatcher. Being back really made me miss it!!

We got to see Cindy {hi, Cindy!!} and her family & Stephanie and her kiddos {thanks, Steph!}.

We ate at R&R {yummy!}.

We went to the Super Walmart. {I just couldn't stay away!! But, actually - they just have some shorts that I like getting for Kason that the Walmart here doesn't have. I really didn't miss it.}

We saw Spring Sing. {and our amazing son even took a nap during it!!!}

AND ... our old ward was having a dinner that night so we went to that and saw everybody from 4th Ward. It was so wonderful!!! I really miss that ward so, it was good to be back. In some ways, it felt like we never left!!

I enjoy the options and variety of Sierra Vista {ie: Target} but, I really miss the easy-going, laid back way of life in Thatcher!


Candace said...

I do EVERYTHING I can here to make myself feel like I'm in a small town and not the ginormous city that is it!! My main "tactic" is driving on any back roads I can find! :) I miss small towns, FOR SURE and Thatcher is definitely a special one.

JR and Steph said...

I am so glad you guys got to come. Thanks for coming by we really need to get together more often. As soon as I am brave enough to make a two hour drive with the kids I will get over there.

Susan said...

Oh I miss Thatcher too! I'm hoping to be able to go home in July and we'll probably be in SV for the
4th! So maybe we'll see you then!

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