Friday, July 24, 2009

A Days' Hiatus

Yesterday I didn't post because I took a day off from the hospital!

Last year, when Kameron was sick, I learned that I also needed to take care of ME.
Some people may disagree and call me selfish and think that I need to be at the hospital during all my waking hours.

But, last year I would burn out so quick and then I didn't even have the energy to take care of Kameron let alone me and Kason.

So, this year when Kameron got sick and ended up in the hospital I made sure that "ME time" was towards the top of my priority list.

I've been on vacation.
I've gone to bunco night.
I got a pedicure with Kara and Camille (thanks girlies!).
I went and saw WICKED.
Yesterday I went to the temple.
And last night I went to dinner with my good friend Laurel (thanks!).

After each of these "ME times" I'm refreshed and ready to start the next day.
I KNOW that there are people that don't agree with my choices to do those things but, I've heard a saying several times that goes something like this:

"Nobody knows exactly what I'm going through until they've walked a mile in my shoes."

So ... regardless of what people think, I'm continuing my "ME time" because I like it and it keeps my sanity. And people can critisize my choices all they want but, they have no idea what it's like unless they have been through this before. SO ... now that that's off my chest;

Kameron is doing good.
He is still on the respirator and I'm glad for that. I am hoping they just keep him on it until they are SURE he is ready to be extubated.

His platelets are still really low.
A normal person has between 150,000-450,000 platelets.
Yesterday Kameron had 23,000 platelets.

Soooo...we need those platelets up! This IVIg that they're doing is supposed to help that but, we're still waiting to see the results. Any nurses or doctor's out there ... any tips?!

Everything else is looking good. His renal function is awesome. His insulin numbers are finally normal so his pancreas is stabalizing. He still has a little bit of jaundice but, I can see some improvement. His blood pressure is a little high and they're working on controlling it. All in all, he is improving in all areas but his platelet count.
They moved him into a new room (487) so, now we have a whole new team of nurses to get to know. :D But, still in ICU.
He is off the sedative this morning. Just giving him a break from it. He was able to sleep for a couple days straight so, he got some good rest.

Other than that - nothing new! We are just being patient with the whole process.

Love to each of you!


Gillman Family said...

Jami - you are awesome. You DO need to take time for yourself - just don't feel quilty about it. You're right - you will be a better wife and mom if you take care of you first. Love ya!

Maranda Whittle said...

Um, heck yah, you need "you" time!

Does Kameron have sugar diabetes? Just wondering, kinda sounds like he's having some of the problems diabetics have.

sunnysavanna said...

everyone needs "me" time regardless of their situation. when you are going through a major trial like you are, you need it extra. good for you for taking it!!! i hope your hubby gets better soon!

JR and Steph said...

I'm glad you took some time for yourself, if anyone deserves it, it's definatley YOU! We are thinking about you guys and keeping you in our prayers.

Julina said...

Who's criticizing you? And I'm glad you know to ignore them, 'cause whoever it is is dumb. Take care of yourself... and your family... and keep the faith. You know you're in our prayers (and on the Chicago temple rolls every time I work a shift (which is every other week :-)

Ashley said...

Anyone who is stupid, rude, judgmental and all-out retarded enough to think that two sold weeks of staring at a person who doesn't even know you're there because they're ASLEEP doesn't take a physical and emotional toll on ANYBODY needs to take a look at the giant beam in their eye before they go grabbing at the mote they think is in yours.

You're being an excellent wife. Kam is blessed to have you. I'd be proud to have a child, or have one of my children marry someone, with your love, patience and devotion.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

I can't believe anyone would criticize you for taking some "you" time!!! I would imagine you would go crazy if you didn't! I'm glad you have the maturity to know it's ok and, in fact, necessary!
Also, I'm glad to hear that things are improving with Cameron (mostly). Hopefully those platelets will start multiplying like bunnies!!! (is that even how it works? haha)
Take care girl!

Amy said...

Anyone who criticizes your "me" time clearly has never spent much time in a hospital. Oh sure they may have been there for a day or two. Not the same as what you're going through. Hang in there. Chris and I are always amazed at how positive you guys are about everything.

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