Monday, December 7, 2009


I came across this blog about a young mother who just became a widow. They have started an online auction to benefit her, their 14 month old daughter, and their unborn child. PLEASE visit the blog to view the auction - PLEASE. I don't know how many times I can ask you, even if you bid $5 on something - believe me when I tell you that $5 helps! So, go to this site, find something you love, and bid. Get it for yourself or for a gift. All I want you to do is go. I can't beg you enough. PLEASE!!!


And you can read about this sweet family here:

This hits so close to home to me so I don't have the emotional strength to write much right now but, I will keep asking you to please help this young widow. I know money is tight right now with the holidays but, every penny helps. And we can all offer a prayer for her to feel peace during this trial.
(john & emily jones)



Rebekah said...

I read about this yesterday and thought of you. It's so sad! I hope they get the help they need. Thanks for posting.

Lokahi said...

Thank you for your blog and helping me realise the priceless blessings of His Atoning Sacrifice. I hope and pray that you and your son will find comfort, peace and the infinite and transcedent love that surpasseth all understanding from our Father in Heaven throughout your life. I know that He lives, Jesus is the Christ and families can be together forever.Thank you once again and thank you.

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