Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So ... remember that holiday where you eat lots of yummy food and wear stretchy pants so it all fits in your tummy? And remember how I haven't blogged about it yet, even though it was over a month ago? Ya, i realized that too. So ... here is our Reader's Digest version of Thanksgiving 2009.

We DROVE to Arizona. The drive really wasn't too awful. Kason did really good. On the way there we stopped off at the dam in Page (the Hoover? maybe) and let Kason check it out. He thought it was pretty cool. I didn't tell him it was called a dam though - I didn't want him walking around talking about the dam we saw. HA!

Then we drove to Payson and stayed with my mom for a night before driving to Sierra Vista for Thanksgiving.

Thanksigiving day was harder than I thought. It was hard to be around Kameron's family and not have Kameron in his apron, sitting next to me on the couch watching the football games. The meal was delicious and the company was good but, it was HARD.

So, some AMAZING people, who are seriously like my adopted family and I know I could count on the for anything ... anyways - the Bartholet's/Packers, invited me over to their home for their Thanksgiving meal. Since Kason was sleeping, I left and spent the rest of the evening with them. These people are amazing and I could go on and on about the love and appreciation I have for them but, I'll spare you. Just know they're incredible.

Laurel with all the boys:

The boy train:

THEN ... the Thanksgiving night, Kason stayed the night at his grandparents house and at 2:30ish that morning - I woke up and went SHOPPING!! heck ya. It was fun. I got to see some old friends from our ward in line and we got to visit. I got everything except for one thing on my list. It was a successful morning.

Later that day I went with the Bartholet's to Tombstone. So fun! I stole these pictures from Laurel because I don't think I had my camera. Besides, her's are more fun anyways.

I should been a cowgirl!

They're rough in Tombstone, if they don't want you there - they don't mess around:

this just makes me laugh...

Tombstone was fun. While I was in Tombstone Kason got to go fishing. I think he caught like 3 fish!! I wish I had some pictures on my computer to show you of that. He's a pretty cute little fisherman.

Then we all just hung out the rest of the weekend, helped Laurel put up her Christmas! And then Monday it SNOWED on the mountain up there so, we went to play. I have pictures but they're on my phone because my camera died so they're not the best quality. Just know that it was so fun but Kason was freezing and he pretty much hated it.

Then, monday we left for Payson. Stayed the night there again and Tuesday we drove all the way home!! Kason was a TROOPER! I can't believe he survived that whole trip without stopping somewhere over night (which we did on the way down, in Kanab).

So, that's our Thanksgiving in a nutshell. I am sure lots of things were left out but, I am trying to get this year done before my rockin' 2010 starts!!


laurdacooj said...

I LOVE you and think YOU are amazing!! NOw... come back to the AZ!!! It misses you... almost as much as me:) xoxoxo

Lara said...

It's so good to see you smiling, you look so cute! Glad to hear you have such wonderful friends.

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