Friday, February 26, 2010

The other day we are getting ready to go to the gym and I tell Kason, "if you're really good at the gym and go in without crying - then I'll let you play with the iPod touch on the way home."

Kason got all defensive and says, "Mom, you need to be nice. I'm going to call someone."

So, he picks up his play phone and calls - Grandma.

He says, "Grandma, mom isn't being very nice. If she's not nice, can you spank her bottom?"

I about DIED laughing.

So, Kason picks up his phone again and says, "Grandma, now mom is just laughing at me."

Ahhh, this kid. He sure keeps me laughing.


In other news ... I believe Kason has pink eye. He woke up with the goopiness Wednesday night so, I called the doctor's office Thursday morning and they called in the eye drops. But as of this morning - it doesn't look like he has pink eye anymore ... does it really go away that quick? I don't remember ever having it and this was Kason's first ... 

I am SOOO ready for spring. We got a bit of snow the last couple of days and I'm pretty much done with the cold and the snow and the wet. I'm ready to pull out my shorts and flip flops - that will be heaven. I know I've still got sometime to go so I'm trying to be patient. 

I've LOVED watching the Olympics. I get sad when they're over because I love cheering on the USA! We are quite the talented country, aren't we??

Anyways - posts with actual PICTURES hopefully coming soon. Until then ... have a GREAT weekend!


Maranda Whittle said...

Both of my boys have had pink eye and it lasted a little short of a week. The perscription the doctor gave me wasn't doing anything and I was getting frusterated then Adaline Palmer told me to put neosporin right in the eye and it went away the next day, go figure!

Clint and Tiffany said...

Have you given Kason any of the drops yet? They usually clear it up pretty quick, but keep giving them for at least 24 hours, cuz it's still contaigeous until then. And sanitize everything or it will come back in a heartbeat! If you haven't given him any eyedrops yet then it's probably allergies. Madi's eyes get that way all the time in the early spring. One way to tell if it's allergies is whether they stay goopey all day or if it's just when they sleep or get tired. Hope that helps!

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