Sunday, January 9, 2011

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I sit here and read back over everything I went through in 2009 and I realize that my life was turned UPSIDE DOWN at that time. During the actual trial I don't think I realized how upside down it really was because, well, I was in survival mode. I did whatever it took to make it through each day, and sometimes, each hour. I read back now, and I wonder how I ever did it. How did I survive the roller coaster of the hospital? or the emotional exhaustion that came along with it? 

Then I continue to read and I realize, I survived because of the blessings Heavenly Father gave me at that time ... a bed to sleep in, a wonderful son to make me smile, amazing friends to hold me up and support me, and wonderful family to guide me through everything. Yes, at the time, I was very grateful for these blessings but, now, I am even more grateful and appreciative of these blessings. 

To steal from my own facebook page ... "when you get right down to it, each and every one of us, regardless of our current situations in life, is very, very, very blessed. Heavenly Father will never leave us with out the blessings we deserve. However, it is entirely up to US to recognize the blessings placed in front of us. As I sit here and think about my husband passing away, or being a single mom, or struggling through certain periods of life, I realize that all along, I have had EXACTLY what I needed at that time. As I read back through what I went through... in 2009, I was INCREDIBLY blessed to have people standing by my side who love me very very much and they supported me through 6 weeks of hell in the ICU, they supported me through the death of my husband and they supported me through the aftermath of his passing. So, yes, life isn't easy, and life is challenging as HECK ... but if you EVER think that Heavenly Father leaves you stranded - you had better think again. He gives you just what you need - but do YOU recognize it?"

I think that too often, we are left wondering why we're left standing alone during a trial. In reality, we need to look right in front of us and realize that we HAVE the blessings we need to make it through a difficult time. Are we too stubborn to recognize them? Are we too blind to accept that they are our blessings? Perhaps the blessings come in a way that we weren't expecting and we let them pass us by without acknowledgment. 

Yes, life is challenging. Life is HARD. Life is exhausting. But, look around you and realize that there is SO much to be grateful for. It can all be taken away from you in a split second, so why not live for today ... enjoy this very moment ... recognize the good around you ... be grateful for what you have, regardless of whether is easy or hard ... and thank our Heavenly Father for the life he has given you. 

Life is short, why not make the best of it.
Be grateful. 
Be happy. 
Recognize your blessings.

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Very true Jami! Thanks for the eloquent reminder.

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