Saturday, July 7, 2007

Growing up!

Kameron turns 27 tomorrow. I have NO idea what to get him. We went out to eat at R&R on Thursday night for his b-day and he says he doesn't want anything but, he deserves something. Any ideas? There's a CD he's been wanting ... maybe that? I hate shopping for gifts. I wish I was one of those really creative people that always gave the perfect gift. They always seem to know the deep down wishes of everyone and give the exact gift someone wants. Oh well.

Well, our lazy, sit on your butt all day parenting has finally come to an end. Kason is mobile. Yup. He rolls. He's good at it too. I put him down on his blanket in the middle of the room and the next thing I know - he's on the other side of the room! But, his favorite thing is ... making messes. He's discovered how fun it is!! And I know he's going to be crawling before we know it. He is getting so close to that "rock back and forth on my hands and knees" stage. So ... I guess it's officially time to babyproof!!

"Look what I did Mom!!"
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"What do you mean, I made a mess?"
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And ... we shaved our dog. He was getting really matted and dirty so, instead of paying someone to do it, we just went for it! It turned out pretty good. Especially for us not being dog groomers. He looks like a completely different dog. I'm sure it feels better too. Especially in this 100+ degree weather!


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