Friday, December 28, 2007

Bittersweet Goodbye's

1st Goodbye:


My brother came to get it Thursday. It is such a relief to know that it is sold and we're no longer responsible for it. But, we were so sad to see it go! It was the first car Kam and I bought together. We have had so many fun trips in that car. We've gone up the mountain a ton of times, 4-wheeling everywhere, AND it was the car that we brought Kason home from the hospital in. But, it was time to see it go.

2nd Goodbye:


We had to get rid of him so we could move. We can't have indoor dogs at the new house. I am so sad to have him gone. It's hard getting rid of a pet. But, he went to a great home. The lady is older and has another small dog. She travels all over in her luxury RV. In fact, the day after we gave him to her, he was headed on his way to Montana. I really hope he has a great life with her but, it was hard to see him go.

3rd Goodbye:


My dad came to visit right before Christmas for a few days. It's always so much fun to have him here. Since he lives in Colorado we really don't get to see him as much as my mom or Kam's parents. So, we really love having him visit. But, this goodbye may be for a lot longer than normal! The crazy man may be moving to Mexico. There is a possibility he will be taking a job down there. So, if all works out and he moves down there he won't be able to travel as freely as he normally does. I will be sad to have him living down there but, it's such a great opportunity that I say, "go for it!". Besides, it might be kind of fun to visit him in Mexico!!

4th Goodbye:


As of January 12th, we won't live at this house anymore!! We have lived here for 2 1/2 years! This house is filled with so many of our memories!
- All our families here for Thanksgiving in 2005.
- A positive pregnancy test in the bathroom.
- A couple new dogs came and went.
- Kason was brought home to this house and reached so many milestones here.
I am grateful for this house we have been able to call our "home" for the last 2 1/2 years. It has been a good home and hopefully, whoever moves in after us, will be able to enjoy it as much as we have.

It's good to move on and experience new things and go through major changes in your life but sometimes it's just so hard to say goodbye!!

Oh, here's a picture of our new house!! Isn't it so cute ... I'm SO EXCITED!!!

(by the way ~ the landlords are letting us move in January 12th but we don't have to start paying rent until February 1st ... AND they're not asking for a deposit!!! Can we say, "MEANT TO BE?!?!" This house has already been a HUGE blessing! I can't believe it. I am SO grateful!)


Maranda Whittle said...

I'm so happy you finally sold your car! And oh, I hate having to get rid of a pet, that's really hard. Your new house is really cute, I'm so excited for you guys!

k.c. said...

you had to give away your poor little dog? oh my goodness, if i had to do that it would break my heart! ... but he is the first child. i told my dog he'd always be number 1, even after the baby is born... he didn't understand me and i was lying, so it's all good.

congrats on the car sale and new house!! horray!!

Becky said...

Hey, isn't that the house just on 2nd? Still in the ward? That's exciting. I have lots of memories in your old house too. That's where Nate lived when we met, had our first kiss, and I spent lots of nights there. I may as well have moved in with him. Don't tell my mom. hehe.

Alicia said...

Wow! So many emotions! Good luck to you and have a great new year!

JR and Steph said...

I'm so excited for you! So many changes, fun changes, huh! Let me know when you need help movin.

Maranda Whittle said...

Yes, I got the pics you sent. They are cute. Thank you!!!

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