Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

We're HOME!

And it feels so good to be home. I was getting pretty tired of hotels, hospitals and fast food.
But, at the same time it was kind of a nice break. I got to spend time with my mom, see some friends and hang out with my dad.

Basically what we found out is one of the lupus medications that they put Kameron on was all wrong. That is what was causing his body to lose weight, get high fevers, and it was even causing the damage to his liver. As soon as they took him off of that medication he started getting a lot better fast. They still ran lots of tests just to make sure that was the only thing. But, between that medication and his lupus, he was a sick guy. Now, he is on like 60 mg of steriods a day and they are helping him SO much. He was finally discharged Monday and we all got home yesterday. YAY!

Me and my mom went to Tucson Thursday morning. I could not have done this trip without her!! Kason got so antsy in the hospital room after about 10 minutes so, she was so good to take him and walk him around so I could stay in the room. Plus, with him just not being at home in his comfort zone, he wasn't always the happiest little boy. So I was in Tucson from Thursday until Monday morning. Me and my mom did some shopping, visited the cemetary where my grandparents are buried, and spent tons and tons of time at the hospital! And on Sunday night, Erin and Jace had me and Kason over for dinner (THANK YOU GUYS!!!!) It was SO incredibly nice to be in a home again and have a home cooked meal. We'd been staying in hotels and eating fast food. So, it was a good break.

Then, Monday morning I drove to Mesa because my dad was in town from Mexico. It was fun to see him and spend time with him. We just hung out Monday and Tuesday. Then Tuesday afternoon I came home! It's nice to be home but now I have laundry to catch up on, food to shop for, bags to unpack. But, atleast we're home. Kameron is doing much better. Just trying to get his strength back.

It was a LONG 6 days but, it was fun and good.

Here's some pictures from the trip:

*Kam in the hospital*


*Kason hard at work on the computer*


*Kason playing with Grandpa Haban in the hospital*


*Kason in his stroller with Baloo. We got this for him at The Disney Store and he loves it!! He won't let it out of his sight!*


*I think he just got done throwing a fit*


*Helping Mom get ready*


*Mesa Temple*


*I LOVE this picture. Everytime we see Jesus we ask Kason, "Kason who is that?" And he answers, "Jesussssssss" ... really it's more like Jsssssss. But, we figure it's close enough*


I have a few more I want to post but, we had fun. Even if poor Kameron was in the hospital!


Heather said...

YAAAAAY!!!!! I am so happy that he is doing so much better.

The Warrens said...

We are so glad to hear the good news!!! glad that everything is getting better. you guys are amazing people!! we wish you the best!

Alicia said...

Yes! I'm so glad everything is okay. Thank goodness you were able to figure out what it really was!

Lacy loves Jesus, and the other day, I held out a $5 bill that her Grammy had given her. She was so excited. I thought it was weird because, hello? What kind of 1 year-old gets all worked up over money? I got my answer when she rushed over and pointed to Abe Lincoln and said, "JESUS!!" I guess they kind of look alike. In a way...

That is a gorgeous picture of you and Kason in the Visitor's Center. We're headed that way next week, and I can't wait. Vacation!

Travis and Britni said...

DUH! I'm such a retard. For some reason, I thought you named your little boy Kameron, so this whole time I thought he was sick. I guess after two kids my mind isn't what it used to be. Anyways, I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better. I'm so grateful that the doctors were able to figure out the problem. We'll still keep you in our prayers that your health will be good. Take care.

susanmartin54 said...

What a relief to here Kameron's doing better! And I don't think I believe you about Kason throwing a fit. He is the most chilled out kid ever!

emily said...

thanks for updating us and for the pictures! You guys all look great!

urkov fam said...

holy cow jami! that is the best news ever. i am so glad it was just the medication and not more than that. its kind of hard to have faith in our medical field after something like this. i mean, lets be honest here, their HUGE mistake could have changed your family forever if it wasnt caught in time. sheesh, i am so glad you are home and sleeping in your own bed. theres no place like home!

The Evans Family said...

Oh Jami....what a relief!! I am SO glad that it was something as minor as changing to a different medication!

Loved the pics...the one in the stroller is so cute as is the sink pic. The Mommy, Kason, & Jesus pic and story is precious.

Hope you get settled back at home quickly...that is one of my LEAST favorite parts of coming home from a trip...mounds of laundry, unpacking, restocking the cupboards... :P

Matt & Sarah Pace said...

I'm so glad everything went well for you guys and camerons feeing better! Thats great! If you need anything please let me know!

The Miner Family said...

I am so glad to hear that Kameron is feeling better. It is so nice to come home after a stressful trip.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

I am so glad that things are looking up! Thanks for keeping us all posted!

Kelsy said...

hey jami, kam, and kason!! so i haven't met 2 of the 3 of you yet, and i haven't seen kam in YEARS!! but i just wanted to let you guys know that i'm thinking about you and mom, auntie anita, and aiko are keeping me posted. i'm soo glad that you're doin better, kam!! that's awesome!! love goes out to all you guys!!

and on a side note, was totally confused with the picture of kason playing with grandpa haban. haha. i was like "i thought grandpa was still in lanai till his treatments start"... and then i realized that uncle art is now a grandpa haban too. hahaha.

anyway. lovelovelove.

xoxox. Kelsy

Garet and Amanda said...

I am so glad that you guys are home. I know a lot of people have been praying for you guys! We love ya!

Erin said...

How exciting that you are finally home! We were glad to have you both... especially for the entertainment we got from Kason. Such a cutie.

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