Sunday, April 6, 2008

I decided we needed something other than medical updates on this blog so ... here's a break in the monotony ... (did I spell that right Alicia?!)

1. Last book you read or are currently reading? The Twilight Series (SOOO good!)
2. Last person you talked to on the phone? Um, I think my mom
3. Last movie you watched at the theatre? Wow ... Harry Potter ... sad huh?
4. Last restaurant you ate at? Jiliburto's
5. Last thing you bought for yourself? A d-backs shirt!
6. Last vacation or trip you took? well, kinda sorta Tucson ... if not then the last place we've been is ... Utah!
7. Last thing you ate? Hamburgers and french fries
8. Last time you cut your hair? November ... so 5 months
9. Last time you worked out? holy cow - it's been forever. I went on a walk today - does that count?
10. Last time you did laundry? this morning
11. Last time you were on an airplane? In August to Utah.
12. Last person you said "I love you" to? Kason
13. Last show you watched on TV? Oprah's "The Big Give" (can I just say I LOVE this show!)
14. Last song you listened to or sang? Um ... MOTAB during conference
15. Last job you had or currently have? besides being a mom, I worked at Palomita Children's Center as a preschool teacher ... boy I don't miss that AT ALL!!
16. Last place you lived (not currently living)? Payson ... it's been almost 5 years!! CRAZY!
17. Last obsession? I don't think I really have an obssession.
18. Last "project" you worked on? haha ... keeping my house clean
19. Last name? Haban
20. Last concert you went to? sadly ... I have never been to a concert but there are plenty that I would LOVE to go to!!


Susan said...

Ok, I love "The Big Give" too! So glad Rachael got the boot last night!

Maranda Whittle said...

How funny, I just did this one too! Hey, I think walking counts as working out!!!

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