Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From me to you...Kameron

It been an amazing last 3 months for me so I have decided to write a little bit and then once again give it all back to Jami. My life has been turned upside down and inside out. The sickness will always be with and will have left me marked and scarred but grateful for the experience. Lonely drug induced nights in hospitals, giving more blood than you think you have, freaky nurses, and loneliness, getting way to skinny(105 pounds), and just everything that comes with this entire package. Isn't funny how with prayers, love, support and some tears, we can look back at it all and say....WE MADE IT! So thank you to every person who prayed for me, and worried, and called Jami! I am so grateful and I truly Love each and every one of you! So smile....

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Spencer and Marlee said...

Kameron! You're amazing! Along with that wife of yours! I am so glad you are feeling/ getting better!

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