Sunday, June 15, 2008

just like my DAD!

First off, happy Fathers Day to all you dads and expecting dads as well! How wonderful to be a dad isn't it!! I could not, in my tiny little brain, comprehend the happiness I would feel after Kason arrived and made me an official member of the 'DAD' club! This past week is a perfect example! On wednesday Kason went fishing with me and his uncle matt. He helped matt catch a 5 pound catfish!! He loved it! He even got to help reel it in! Then on friday up here in Payson the little guy got to catch two trout!! He had the biggest smile when we pulled it in! That very smile makes being a dad so much fun! My goal is to do all i can to keep that smile on my childrens face. I know it is possible because my own dad did it! He would always go out of his way to spend time with his 3 boys. My dad made to all our games, school activities, and church functions...if something was important to us, it was just as important to him! I truly thank my dad for being a great example.....and my hero in life! I'll make sure i get some pictures of kason and the fish posted! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

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