Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'

'K - First off - let me explain Kason's poor face ...

I was getting ready one morning and I left my hair straightener on the counter ... and plugged in. Well, you guessed it - he pulled it down right on to his face. I felt soooo horrible. And I'm hoping it doesn't scar because then I would feel horrible every time I looked at it!! So - that's the explination of his battle wound. Poor Kid.

Here's some fishing pictures that Kam wanted me to post:

This one was with Uncle Matt out at John Garret's pond at his house. Kason had so much fun. He really wanted to go swimming though!! AND he got to help feed cow! But, I'll post that later.


These next one's were all taken at a place called "Rancho Tonto Catch-a-Trout" (catchy name huh?) It's just outside of Payson, about 20 minutes. We wanted to go to the Fish Hatchery but when we got there it was closed. So, we found this little place!! They had a pond FILLED with trout! We would throw the fish food in and they would go crazy jumping up to get it.

Kason caught 2 fish and he loved it! He's so fascinated by them. It was a really neat place and we definately want to take him back!!






Susan said...

Aawww! Poor Kason! I worry about that same thing every time I use a curling iron or straitener! And, if it does scar, it's a good thing he's a boy - scar's are cooler if you're a boy!

Maranda Whittle said...

Awwww, Kason's poor face! I'm proud of you for holding that fish! Good job! HA!

kmelanese said...

Don't feel bad. Taylor burned her leg on my curling iron. It happens to us all. Cute fishing pictures!! Looks like it was tons on fun!

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