Monday, August 25, 2008

So, tonight Kameron and I were in the living room, I was sitting on the computer, watching 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', and we thought that Kason was in his crib asleep because it had been quiet for about 5 minutes. Well, were we ever wrong! All of a sudden Kason comes running out of his room laughing and screeching with joy. That stinker learned to climb out of his crib!!!! It was so hilarious. We asked him to show us how he did it so we put him back in and he did it again with no problem; he would just step on his crib bumper, swing his foot over and pull himself over! Needless to say we lowered his mattress and took out his crib bumper. Now he's in bed ... and hopefully he'll be sleeping soon. Goofy kid!!!!


On a couple side notes ... my wonderul husband started a blog. Check it out here!

I haven't really said much about this because we aren't really 100% certain it's happening and I am waiting to post completely about it in a later blog. But, tomorrow we're heading to Mesa for Kameron to have an interview with Wells Fargo as a Personal Banker. We feel REALLY good about this job and we're really excited about the thought of moving to Gilbert! So, wish us luck and say a little prayer around 2:00 for us!!!!

And, I really need to get on the ball and post all the blogs I've been putting off ... soon, I promise.


The Regimballe Family said...

we're prayin' for you guys that tomorrow goes well. good luck!

kmelanese said...

How did the interview go?? I hope everything went well. Don't you love when your kids learn new things?

Jorden Marble Family said...

Hahaha..climbing out of the crib! What a cute kid. My little Maren was pretty excited when she accomplished this, unfortunatley she wouldn't stay in her toddler bed either!

Brent and Brittnie said...

We live on the boarder of Gilbert, just into Queen Creek. We love it out here and there are so many new buildings going up! It sure is nice to have everything close by and its still kinda slower than Mesa!!! Keep us posted. Good luck!!!

Susan said...

What a clever little cutie you have! Caroline never did figure out the climbing out of the crib thing. Good luck with the job interview! We Love you!

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