Thursday, September 18, 2008


Nope ... not me.

But, I'm considering one in the near future.
For now, you'll have to deal with other people giving away stuff!!

You know Scentsy?
Well, you have a chance to get some FREE! A.MA.ZING huh?!

Check out this blog



Here's ANOTHER giveaway (aren't I generous to tell you about these?!)
This one is GREAT!
Have you ever heard of 'The Original Scrapbox'?

You can WIN ONE!

Check out this site, (it's SUPER cute!):

Vanilla Joy

And here's the link for the giveaway!

If anybody has a scrapbook room like mine you'll need this! Mine is so clutter with boxes, crates, drawers, supplies still in packages just because I don't have any room to store it all! I need this one!
So, get out there comment and GOOD LUCK!

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Brooke said...

Thanks for the info! I found you through SITS. Cute home by the way.

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