Friday, September 19, 2008

Mi Casa!

After 9 months of living in this house I FINALLY feel like we are getting settled in.
Right after we moved in Kameron got sick so our life kind of got overtaken by that.
Then with Kameron being home I just didn't take time to finish getting everything put together, I just focused on us spending time together.

Well, when TipJunkie did her Top 10 Favorite Things in my House I figured it was a perfect way to
#1)clean up my house so I could take the pictures
#2)get a few last things up
#3)show off my house

So here it is! My Talk to me Tuesday!
The Top 10 Fav Things about MI CASA!


1. The Front


I just think it's so cute! And we actually have grass. I love it.

2. My Living Room


I love how everything goes together.

I love these shelves:


And, our tv stand (that I totally refurbished ... it still needs some work) ... I'm working on something more for above the tv. And that lamp ... I got it for 50% off - isn't that awesome?


3. My Kitchen Table


My mom bought this for us when we got married and I love it.

4. My Piano


What would I do without my piano?! We got an great deal on it about a year after we were married and I've been so happy with it ever since!

5. This clock


I made it. We did it for a Super Saturday Craft in Enrichment. I love it.

6. Kason's Room




Despite the abnormal amount of dirty clothes that come out of this room, I love it. I think it turned out really cute. I just need to find a big letter 'K' for that shelf ... anybody know where I can find one??

7. My Kitchen


I love my cabinets. I love that there is a dishwasher. I love the sink. I love having the microwave over the oven (i never thought I would like this!). I love how much storage there is. I love it!

8. This shelf


I actually just put it up. It's in our bedroom over our bed. Don't worry, it's not completely finished. The other things I'm going to put up there are in the mail.

9. My Kitchenaid


My wonderful kitchenaid. I made homemade bread, for the first time Tuesday (aren't you proud of me?!), and this made it SOOO much easier. I get excited everytime I get to use it.

10. My Grandma's things



My Grandma Young died when I was a Senior in High School and I miss her everyday.
But, thankfully a few of her things were passed down to me and cherish them so much. I have a few other things that belonged to hers (her microwave, iron, couch, glass cups etc.)
But these two things really remind me of her.
She loved birds. She collected these little figures and had so many of them.
And the Baath sign hung in her guest bathroom and all the times we stayed with her I remember always loving that sign.

So, there you have it!
Our humble little abode.
I love it. It's so comfortable and homey.


Juli Smith, SU! Demo said...

Hello and congrats on being a Saucy Blog! This post is awesome! I adore seeing houses layouts and decor - THANKS for a glimpse into yours! Suggestion - now take all those pics you posted, print them out, and start a scrapbook using them and your comments here as the journaling. I saw this idea awhile back on doing a scrapbook about oneself and including favorite things, etc. Your home would be a great start!

kmelanese said...

Your home is so cute!! You have decorated everything so well. I wish I could do that. That clock is awesome!!! I love it!

Candace said...

I LOVE Kason's room! SO cute! Those things from your grandma are precious; what a treasure! And good job on that clock! I'm impressed!

Doug said...

Jami, house looks great. Very cozy. Sounds like things are good. Hey, and thanks for recommending the Twilight books. I'm lovin' them.

Merri said...

Very cute home! i'm glad you guys get to stay in it-although we're sad you're not moving up here!

Brooks Family said...

So cute!

Mandi Lou said...

such an adorable home I'm sure it feels great to be 'moved in'! We're so glad to hear you guys are doing so much better! :0)

Zane and Manda

HollySteffen said...

i seriously LOVE your house!! i love all the little plaques you have hanging around.

we have the same style! <3 it!

Susan said...

I'm so jonesing for a piano! I'm jealous of yours!!!

Katie Elliott said...

Oh my gosh Jami! I had no idea you lived there...I used to live it that house!

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