Wednesday, September 3, 2008

See this boy, Kason?


And this mom?


Well, Kason loves this:


And, Mom is okay with it. In fact, Mom lets Kason have as much of this as he wants because he gets a full serving of fruits AND vegetables with every serving!

Kason also loves this:


Mom's okay with this too. You know why? Becuase after exploring this website together this morning, Kason already knows how to say, "A-B-C" and he can recognize the letter "a". Pretty good huh? Check it out. It's a mom's favorite website.

You know what else Kason loves?


And guess what? Mom loves it, too. You know why? Because it gives Mom 30 minutes to cook dinner, take a shower, clean the house or maybe even just surf the web. It's a wonderful little parenting tool.

Mom sure loves her boy!


In fact, Mom loves both of her boys.


I have a good reason to be proud of my one boy, Kameron.
Maybe I'll post about it soon. Tomorrow. Friday.


I Promise.


Ashley said...

Too cute!!!

Maranda Whittle said...

Dylan has been playing that game all day, he loves it. I just turn in on for him and does everything by himself, it's nice! He also likes to play, and is a good one too!

emily said...

cute post! Love the details!

this one said...

is it sad that i love that juice too?

you are too cute. I didnt realize that you have been married that long. boy-o-boy!! congrats!!

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