Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I Love Sundays ...

Sundays are so peaceful and relaxing.

I love that the TV is off.


I love taking naps.



I love how quiet our neighborhood is.

I love listening to church music.

*today's choice of music*

I love the big dinners (usually cooked by Kameron).


I love that our church is within walking distance.

I love relaxing and spending time as a family.


I just love Sundays.

What do you love about Sundays?


Alicia said...

The feeling of actually having a "day off" and gathering together next door at Grandma's for the ice cream she always keeps on hand.

I love Sundays too. It's nice to have an excuse to dress up nice.

Erin said...

I love Sundays because...
- Jace is home all day long.
- I don't have to cook dinner (dinner with in-laws).
- I get to take a nap.
- I don't have to think about bills, grocery shopping, cleaning my house, running around town.

It's a great break from the everyday grind.

emily said...

such a cute post! I ditto all of it...


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