Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Lovin'

I CANNOT believe that Christmas is in ONE WEEK!! Where did this holiday season go?! It seems like we were JUST preparing for Halloween!

I am really excited about Christmas this year, Kason has been so fun!
He loves to look at the "twee" and talk about "Cissmus" and "Sa-ta"

His favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. He knows that movie by heart.
He loves all the cookies & candy.

I love the Christmas lights and all the decorations.
I love giving gifts and watching people's reactions when they open their gift.
I love Christmas music.
I love Christmas trees and ornaments.
I love wrapping paper.
I love the Christmas movies.
I love the feeling of Christmas - I just love this time of year!!

I love the TRADITIONS!

I remember growing up we ALWAYS drove around and looked at Christmas lights - we never missed a year! Kameron and I have continued the tradition and I'm getting excited to go next week!

As a kid, I was a peeker, I was always trying to get a sneek peek at my gifts (what kid wasn't a peeker?!). I would even peek as a teenager, I hate suprises and gifts were no exception. But, with my old age I realize that it takes all the excitement out of Christmas morning if you know all your gifts beforehand. However, with all my years of expert peeking, I'm pretty good at guessing my gifts. This year Kameron had wrapped my gifts and put them under the tree, I picked them up, felt them for about 10 seconds and knew what two of them were. Poor Kameron.

Growing up, at my Grandma's house she had an extra room that was OFF LIMITS because it was Santa's Workshop! I don't know where my Grandma hid the gifts because everytime I would sneek in there and try to find gifts I would find NOTHING!

Each year we would get a new ornament. I definately have my favorites - like my spinning ballerina, or the mini mouse. They may make it up on my tree this year but for now I'm okay with my new Martha Stewart ornaments.

We always read the story of Jesus' birth in Luke on Christmas Eve. As kids we would set up the manger as the characters were introduced in the story. And of course we would leave yummy cookies and milk for Santa.

Our new Christmas Eve Tradition is opening our new ornament and a new pair of pajama's to wear to bed that night.

Christmas morning we were allowed to get our stockings and check them out while we waited for everyone else to wake up. I remember how exciting it was to peak into the living room and see your big Santa gift.
Jeremy and I always woke up way too early. Jeremy would sort the gifts into their piles. And then we would just wait for Mom and Jesse to get up. We always opened our gifts one at a time so we could see what everyone got.
Mom always made a big breakfast, usually french toast. Then the rest of the day was filled with watching movies we just got and playing with our new toys.

I love Christmas so much!

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?








Ashley said...

I love the lights on our tree. Julia's been trying to peek at her presents as well, little monkey.

I love the food!!

Jewel said...

I love the traditions of Christmas time--mostly I just love the opportunity to be with family and give gifts and see their reactions when they open them. Know what I mean? One of my favorite traditions is watching "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I LOVE that movie!

Maren said...

such a fun post! its always fun to remember all the fun traditions from growing up and now making our own or continuing one with our own families. hope you have a fun christmas. we will be in sierra vista monday, tuesday and wednesday. will you be there? call me 480-710-7306

Alicia said...

Your pictures are so neat looking! I love them!
I can't believe we've only got seven days before Christmas!

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