Friday, December 19, 2008

My WishList

My Christmas List wish ... mostly for my husband's sake in case he needs any last minute gift ideas (which I doubt ... he's a pretty good gift giver)


an iRobot Roomba

roomba Pictures, Images and Photos

Can you imagine never vacuuming again?


this comfy looking robe from Bath & Body Works


in cream ... with some comfy socks from Bath & Body Works, too. But not cream ... maybe red ... or green.
I love Bath & Body Works stuff ... I love being pampered
(just a subtle hint, honey).
Or these comfy slippers would be great as a stocking stuffer!!

(also from Bath & Body Works)


a gift certificate to this place

Down East Basics clothing brand Pictures, Images and Photos

I love their clothes. Cute and Cheap!!


Photoshop Elements 7

photoshop-elements-7 Pictures, Images and Photos

I almost bought it for myself and then realized I need to stop doing that!


this Fossil Wallet

they last FOREVER.

What's on YOUR Christmas Wishlist?


Alicia said...

Danny's mom manages a Down East Basics store in Superstition Springs Mall. I love it!!! I ordered their catalog, folded down the pages that I liked, and then left it out in plain sight...

I hope my plan works!!

Maranda Whittle said...

I want a porch swing. I've been wanting one since we've moved into our house!

Jessie and Byron said...

Tell your hubby that I went to bath and body works today and those slippers you want are 75% percent off, I think today only, or maybe tomorrow too, not sure but a smoking deal, only 3 bucks!!! I got me some and few others to give away they are so cheap!!

Maranda Whittle said...

Hey, I was just wondering how you knew Jonathan and Melina Crosby?

Kameron said...

I guess 4 out of 6 ain't bad! I love you!

Maren said...

i have that robe and LOVE it! i got it 2 years ago when it was 75% off after christmas. very soft and comfy. i just need the slippers. whats on my christmas list? well, santa ran out of money so scott and i arent getting anything this year. well, we had to replace our printer 3 weeks ago so that is our gift to each other.

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