Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twix the Cat

When I lived at home (I can't remember how old I was) I convinced my mom to let me get a cat. So, we went to the animal shelter and picked one out. I named the cat Twix. Well, the cat and I grew older and eventually I moved out of the house, but the cat didn't. So, my poor mother has had to deal with Twix the Cat for all these years. He's kind of an annoying cat and my brothers h-a-t-e him. But, Kason ... L-O-V-E-S Twix! On the flip side, Twix isn't a big fan of Kason.

This is a rare occasion - Kason and Twix hanging out.


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Sean and Erin said...

I really wish we lived in the same town because we are soooo much alike. My mom has to take care of my really mean, feisty cat too...I wonder what karma will bring me with my kids!

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