Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Readers,

It's me, Kason.


Things around here have been busy! I have to drink this stuff:


It doesn't taste bad at all! Plus, it will help get rid of the ear infection I have.
I have been really interested in bugs lately and I am trying to talk mom and dad into letting me get an ant farm.

Dad is doing good at his new job. I miss him all day though. He is working for this company:


He works in the finance department. He really likes it and likes the people he works with. Pretty soon, we're going to buy him a fish to put on his desk.

Mom loves being home with me (I think). She was working for a couple weeks but, she said she missed me too bad so, she quit and now she is home with me all day. We play together and watch movies. We also like going to Target and getting popcorn and an Icee.

Well, that's all that's new with us!

Until next time, Kason H.


triplethreat said...

That's cute!! Congrats on the job.

emily said...

thanks for bloggin', Kason! Good to hear from ya, kid. Feel better!!


The Solomon Fam said...

Hope Kason's feeling better soon. And I'm glad Kameron is liking his new job. That's cool he works with my Dad! (I'll tell him he better be nice)

Jorden Marble Family said...

Hi Jami! It is no fun having sick sorry. My kids have all been sick this week. Hope Kason feels better soon. I bet you're glad to be home again with him. Bethany

Susan said...

This is Caroline. I like to go to Target for Popcorn and Icees with my mom too!

The Welkers said...

Wow Kason is a pretty busy and smart boy. Target is a great place. How lucky you are!!! Glad everything's going great for you guys. I miss my VT partner(s)!!!

The Melo Family said...

Kason! Your sooo cute!!

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