Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Thursday we took Kason for his first dentist visit.
I was so proud of how good he did!!! He climbed right into the chair and the funniest part was when they took his x-rays. He would open his mouth and bit down on the mouthpiece like it was no big deal! She said that she has had 5 year olds that won't do that!

And then the dentist came in and checked out his teeth. Kason had no problem showing off his teeth.
The dentist (Dr. Haws *I think* who actually happens to be in 5th ward here!!) said that everything looks perfect, no cavities or anything!

Kason did so good. I was really proud.
He got a new toothbrush, a balloon and a sticker.

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HollySteffen said...

good job momma! no cavities! =]

seriously there are ADULTS who are a pain with xrays! =] did they take 2 or 4?

Sara said...

Jealous. I still haven't taken Reilly, and I really need to, and it is NOT going to go quite that well.

Susan said...

I'm really quite impressed. I don't do that well at the dentist! I've had a dentist offer me Valium in the chair to calm my nerves down! Good job Kason!

Candace said...

He's a little stud muffin in this pic! I'm pretty sure he's at the office Jonathan will be working at when we're done with dental school!! That is impressive he did so well there!

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