Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is how we found Kason last Saturday morning when we went to go wake him up so we could leave for our trip. (which I just realized I haven't blogged about - blog to come soon ... I hope)

It was hilarious ... I would just LOVE to have an explanation.

Any ideas?!


Lindsey said...

How cute...what a funny little guy!

Mandi Lou said...

That is HILARIOUS! wish I could've been on the finding committee lol!

Alicia said...

Ha ha ha ha!! That rocks. One morning, I woke up to find Lacy curled up in front of the baby gate. It broke my heart. She was trying to get in bed with us.

The best story I've ever heard about this kind of thing is a friend of ours found their three year old son sitting on top of the microwave. Naked.

These kids are soooo crazy!

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