Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Sunday

On Easter Kameron and I had to talk in church. We were, of course, given the topic of the Atonement.
I spoke about 'Applying the Atonement in our Lives' & Kameron talked on 'How the Atonement helps us fulfill the Plan of Happiness'
I picked the one I picked because I thought it would easy ... boy, was I wrong!! I had the HARDEST time writing my talk!!! I finally finished it at 11:00 the night before (and church starts at 8:00am). I wish I could find a way to post my talk online without taking a whole post ... like posting the link for those who want to read it. Anybody know how?

Well, needless to say, I was relieved when I was done giving the talk! I don't mind giving the talk, I just have a hard time writing the talk!

Then after church we had a big Easter Feast! Ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, carrots and a yummy dessert. Matt was here so, it was fun for Kason to get to spend time with him. He sure misses having his uncle close!!

We had a really good Easter this year. Having to talk on Easter really made me think about the holiday more than usual and it really made me appreciate it more than I have in that past. I am grateful we have a Savior who was so willing to be sacraficed for us. And I feel so blessed to have the knowledge that I do about the Atonement!!

Here is Kason before heading to church ... he wasn't really in the picture taking mood.


And this makes me laugh ... an Easter Sunday nap with Daddy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!


Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

You guys both did great on your talks. Except I only got to hear about the first 3/4 of yours and maybe the last 1/2 of Cameron's....that's how it goes with kiddos, right? haha :) But yeah, you both did really well for what I heard! ;)

Spencer and Marlee said...

I wish I was in your ward to hear you guys speak!! I like this blog entry... I have a lot of things I can't wait for too!!

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