Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alright, since Monday we have had a few changes.

Kameron had to have a surgery on Monday to put in a catheter in his shoulder so they could do some procedures with it. After the surgery, and while still in the O.R., his oxygen levels dropped to below 85 and his blood pressure dropped a ton so, they had to do a lot to get it back up and once he got back to his room it took him several hours to stabalize his numbers.

Kameron's kidney's were really starting to slow down (which was actually a surprise to me because for so long they had been telling us that his renal function was really good) so, they started him on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies (CRRT). It is basically like continuous dialysis. It does the work of his kidney's so his kidney's can have a break and just rest. He will probably be on the CRRT for a few days to several days. Then they will slowly put him down to normal dialysis once a day and then every few days until his kindeys are back to normal function.

They are doing the plasma forisis. Started it Monday and they will do 5-7 treatments of that. His plasma is still a dark brown color when it should be golden/yellow.

They gave him the Cytoxan on Monday. It was only a one time dose so, he is done with that for now.

Today the Pulmonolgist said they think he might have pneumothorax, which is a lung puncture. With a chest x-ray they didn't see anything and they don't want to do a CT Scan because they don't want to expose him to everything in the hospital, they just want him to stay put in his room.

He also mention that Kameron has some oxygen pockets in his throat so, there is some concern that he may have a puss pocket on his thyroid or throat and they will do an ultrasound to check that.

His lungs are still really weak so he is obviously still sedated and on the respirator. His platelets ARE up to 69,000, as of yesterday. I haven't heard todays numbers. So, atleast that is going up.


Alicia said...

I think by the end of all of this, you'll be half way to getting a doctorate in lupus!!

Thank you for keeping us updated. You are all in our prayers.

klutzy k said...

Pneumothorax...reminds me of "Just Like Heaven" when he can't say it. "Pneumothaxer! Uma Thurman!" Hope things look better for you guys soon!

Brie said...

Thanks for the update! Keep hanging in there!

Gillman Family said...

We Love you Jami! Wish we were closer - we will continue to pray and fast. Hang in there Gal!!

ashley kelepolo said...

Hey jami,
I haven't looked at your blog in awhile...just want you to know that we are thinking about you. Sounds like you are sucha wonderful wife to be with him like that. Take care, and stick with it!

The Warrens said...

We hope the best for you!!! You are amazing!!

Lisl and Stephen said...

Jami, I wish I were back in SV; I wish I could do something. You make it sounds like you are holding together really great, almost like all of this is a piece of cake, but I still can't imagine how it all must be. I know your in-laws are awesome, and I'm so glad you're with them and they are able to help out. Its hard for me to even imagine Kameron sick, seemed like he was impossible to slow down all those years ago.

Right now my parents are up here, but they will be back on Sunday. I know that they want to help, and just admire you. I told my mom that you're an easy person to love and admire. You're amazing, and you just let me, or my parents know if there is anything we can do.

Tiffini said...

Jami, I wish you guys all the best. You guys have been through so much in the past couple of years. Your such a inspiration of faith in such a trail time in your life.

Gail said...

Our prayers are with you and your family. Kameron will be part of our fast on Sunday. To all who read Jami's blog, let's fast together this Sunday, August 2 for Jami and her family. I love you Jami. Gail Sachak Brill

The Solomon Fam said...

I think about you guys every day! Thanks so much for the updates. We continue to pray for Kameron and your family. If anyone can pull through he can!

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