Friday, July 17, 2009

back and forth, back and forth

I feel like that's how things are right now. I hear from one doctor that the plasma treatments are working and helping and then the kidney doctor comes in this morning and tells me that the blood doctor doesn't think they're helping at all!
I thought they were helping - just because the plasma they pulled out of him was so brown - it had to be helping him to put in fresh plasma. And he LOOKED so much better after the treatments. But, apparently plasma forises (sp?) isn't very beneficial for patients with lupus - go figure. So, they are going to do one last treatment today and then figure something else out for new treatment starting tomorrow. I could tell the kidney doctor kind of wants to continue the plasma treatment but, the blood doctor decided against it. So ... that's where we stand on that! And too be honest - it might be nice to not have the plasma forises people in here. They try to make small talk and I'm just not in the mood for that so, things just get uncomfortable.

His kidneys ARE looking better but his blood levels aren't improving. They're not getting worse but, they aren't getting better either. That's why they're having to figure out a new game plan - get his blood levels normal! :D His thyroiditis is almost gone (yay! the stupid thing that started this all!). And his pancreatitis is getting better. I haven't heard much about his liver but, since I haven't I assume it's improving. His chest x-rays are back and forth - somedays they're good, somedays they're not good. And his CT Scan of his brain was clear! (Phew!) So ... some things are improving - some are not. It seems like when they try to fix one issue - another one presents itself! I can tell the doctor's get frustrated sometimes because Kam's lupus is SO pronounced they have a hard time treating certain things.

He is still sedated. But, this morning he was in and out of consiousness for a little bit before the sedative kicked back in (they wake him up every morning for a little while to check on his cognitive levels to make sure the sedative isn't affecting his neurological system) and he was trying to tell me something and I couldn't understand what he was signing so he got frustrated - rolled his eyes and flipped me off. *sigh* proof that my old Kam is still in there! haha.

Things are going good though. They tested his breathing capabilities this morning and he CAN breathe on his own but, they want to keep him on the respirator until atleast tomorrow just to be sure. And they'll keep him sedated until then. Good thing too, I bet it's uncomfortable to have a tube down his throat!!!

People ask how I'm doing ... I'm okay. I'm in "survival mode" right now. If it doesn't have to do with Kameron's health - it probably doesn't matter to me right now. I am exhausted all day - even after sleeping for 10 hours. I'm kinda getting sick of cafeteria food but, it's the cheapest food there is. So, I keep eating it. I MISS Kason. He is with my mom in Payson and I miss that little booger. But ... we take it a day at a time and, somehow, I survive each day!!!

Sorry if I don't answer emails/texts/phone calls. I'm a little preoccupied at the time ;)


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Maranda Whittle said...

Oh I'm laughing that he flipped you off! It must be so frusterating to want to communicate and can't. Hope everything gets cleared up soon and you can have your family back.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys. :)

Landon and Allison said...

Please call me when Kason gets back! Allison

Lunt Family said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We are going to the temple tomorrow and will be putting your names on the prayer roll again. Can I just tell you that it made me roll on the floor that he flipped you off! Love it!
Enjoy the small things :)
Love ya!

Cory, Jaime, and Cayden said...

we are thinking bout you and praying for you...

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