Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday update...

Things are going good at the hospital. The pulmonary doctor said that Kameron is looking really good today. He has put Kameron on C-PAP, which means Kameron is breathing on his own but he is still intubated and the respirator is acting as his crutch. Hopefully tomorrow they will pull the tube out. When they intubated him on Thursday his lungs either filled with blood or fluids but, his chest x-ray they took yesterday showed nothing. So, that is good news!

They will also be doing an ultrasound on his pancreas today and also his legs to make sure the blood is circulating okay.

Kameron is doing good. He is such a sweet hubby, even when he can't talk!! I am lucky to have him! And very very grateful that he is making progress!! I know he wouldn't be doing this well if it weren't for all of you. Your prayers and sacrifice to fast have been a huge blessing. So, thank you all! (again and again!)
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