Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Sunday!

Even though I'm in the hospital on Sunday, I love Sunday's. I was in Sierra Vista for church this morning and I NEEDED church today. I was getting really close to running on empty.
The High Council Speaker talked today about the pioneers and the trials that they faced. He related them to the trials we all face today. He read a quote that I LOVED ...

"the hardships and trials that we each face are the sacrifice we have to make to become closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior."

That may not be word-for-word but, it just stuck out to me so much. It makes me look at this trial in a different light.
On my way to Tucson today I was thinking about it and I asked myself ... "If it weren't for this trial, would I be making an effort to involve Heavenly Father in my everyday life, as much as I am now?"

Think about that ... how often to we make Heavenly Father the central part our lives when things are going good? We would all be a lot kinder, a lot more patient, a lot less judgemental, and filled with a lot more love if our Savior and our Heavenly Father were the center of our lives EVERYDAY -- not just the days we are struggling.

Now ... on to the Kameron update! Yesterday Kameron got tired breathing on C-PAP so, they turned the respirator back on. He is on it again today. This is a good thing! They are working on building us his strength so that he can breathe on his own! Baby steps, baby steps.

The doctor's have all been discussing a procedure called, IVIg, which is an Immune Globulin Injection. There are TONS of possible side effects and one of the ones they are mainly concerned about is Kindey Failure. Well, since Kameron is already dealing with renal insufficiency, that worried me a little bit. There are also a lot of good things that could happen from this procedure! Lots of doctor's treat Lupus patients with this drug monthly. Hopefully this will do the trick and balance out everything in Kameron's blood.
Today, they decided to do it. I was panicking a little bit because I was still in Sierra Vista and I hadn't had the chance to talk to a doctor about it yet. But, at church today, a doctor in our ward (Dr. Mayberry) said ... "well, whatever the doctor's say will help him get better." When I remembered this, followed by a quick prayer for guidance, I knew that this procedure is a step in the right direction to get Kameron better. It's scary because it is pretty high risk this first time but, I am hopeful that this will be the treatment he needs to kick this all in the butt.

So ... what they'll do is do this IVIg for 5 days and see how he responds to it. If it WORKS, then it looks like we'll be doing this every month through an IV. Just PRAY our insurance accepts to cover it ... I read online that it can cost around $10,000/dose!!! YIKES! I doubt they'll deny it but still - that's a lotta money!!

Those are all the updates from the hospital. I went and saw WICKED yesterday and absolutely LOVED it! I cannot wait to take Kameron. Kason is still kickin' it with my mom up in Payson. He's such a trooper. And I have been VERY blessed to have the Rasmussen's, here in Tucson, open their home to me. Their house is literally 5 minutes from the hospital. They are such a huge blessing to me! I can't imagine having to drive back and forth from Sierra Vista everyday so, I am very, very grateful to them!!

And, that's all folks! :D Have a fabulous Sunday!

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Maranda Whittle said...

Thanks for the update Jami. How far away is Tucson from SV?

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