Sunday, July 19, 2009

ICU Psychosis

I think my hubby has a case of ICU Psychosis.
And to be honest ... it's kinda funny.
And kinda freaky.

He'll point at someone (who isn't there) and give them a thumbs up.
Or, he starts shrugging and looking confused at the corner of the room.
He starts spelling something out with sign language and looking at the door.

The other day, he pointed to the window.
Then he asked me ... (well wrote really)
Is that Daniel? No dear, there's nobody there.

Just now he asked me to open the side rails of his bed.
When he writes, okay looks more like okkkayy.
And he gets frustrated when he spells things in sign language and nobody is there to answer.

At first, I was really worried.
I wasn't sure what the deal was.
But, then I asked the nurse about it. You know what she said?

"He probably has ICU Psychosis."
ICU a-whatta?
So, I did what every inquiring mind does ... I googled it.

Apparently, it's fairly common.
One in every three ICU patients gets it.
My hubby has always known how to stand out in the crowd.

It will go away on it's one once he is discharged or out of the ICU.
Mix his stress of being here, weird schedule, no sleep with his sedative.
It's bound to give anyone ICU Psychosis.

So, I'm not worried anymore.
Now, I just sit back and chuckle.
And, I wait for it to pass.

Once he is off the sedative.
Once he gets some sleep.
Once he is out of the ICU ...

I will have nothing to chuckle about.
Or, get freaked out about.

(ie: Just now, he's signing something to someone and getting frustrated as he points to his suction tube. He is having a whole conversation with someone, they ask questions, he answers in sign language letters (than don't spell anything) And he ain't talkin' to me!)

*don't think I'm horrible for finding this humorous ... a girls gotta do something to stay entertained in this place!!


Brie said...

Oh Jami! I won't think you are horrible for finding that funny if you don't think I am horrible for laughing like crazy as I read this! You have to find something good in all the bad right?

Amy said...

It is funny. It's always funny when medication makes people loopey!!

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