Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning!

So, after last night, when Kameron was talking to someone (he really had a whole conversation with someone) I wanted to find out who it was!!!

I asked:
"Who were you talking to?"
Kam points to the chairs.
"Do you know them?"
Kam shakes his head no.
"Are the dark skinned or light skinned? Light?"
Kam nods his head yes!
"Are they wearing normal clothes?" (I was thinking maybe they were angels, dressed in white)
Kam nods his head yes.
"Are they doctors?"
Kam nods his head yes!!
"And they're talking to you about your health?"

So, he was talking with some doctor's last night. Just to clear that up! ha. ;o)
I am certain that those aren't the only visitors he has had though. I know that angels are here watching over him! It would be interesting to know who ... my family? his family? our kids? Hmmmm ...

I asked his night-nurse about it and he the ICU Psychosis happens a lot. I was wondering if Kameron will remember any of this and the nurse said he MAY just because of how Kameron reacts to the propofol (sedative). As a side note ... Kameron has been on a high dose of this propofol since they intubated him Thursday morning and since Saturday he has been pretty awake. He doesn't always make sense and he's pretty loopy but, walking in to the room you would have no idea he was sedated by the way he acts. Weird. SO ... this morning I asked Kameron if he rememberd talking to the doctor's and he didn't so, I guess we won't be finding out who all he's spoken with over the past few days. (*darn!*) But, the main cause of Kameron's psychosis is most likely the medication he's on and also the fact that Saturday night he hardly slept at all. So, he should be returning to his old - not so loopy - self soon.

Right now, as I type, Kameron is back on C-PAP. Depending on how he does, they are planning on extubating him today. They have already turned off his propofol and are watching his respiratory numbers. We are working on keeping his respiratory rate below 30 and he's been doing really good!! The pulmonary doctor wants to give Kameron a bag of blood before they extubate him. As soon as they get the blood (and who knows when that will be) it takes about 2 hours to get it all in. After that - they plan to pull the tube! hooray!

I can tell Kameron is starting to feel better - he's getting bored. I don't blame him though. He's been in the same bed since the 8th of July!! Hopefully once they extubate him we can get him out of bed and push him around the halls in a wheelchair, get him some change of scenery!

The Kidney doctor came in this morning also and said that he is looking good. His urine output/color is good. And his kidney's are looking good, which they are monitoring CLOSELY because of the IVIg procedures.

They started that IVIg yesterday. He tolerated it really good and hopefully responded to it as well. It's just a big bottle of clear liquid that they give him through an I.V. I'm not sure how long it took to complete but, they started it at 4pm and when I left around 8pm - it was still going with a ton of stuff left!! Good thing he's not going anywhere! :D

OH! They're also planning on taking out his central line in his neck today and giving him a pick (sp?) line. That makes me happy - that central line does not look comfortable AT ALL!

That's all the news for this morning. I will let you know the rest of the day goes and hopefully we will be talking with Kameron soon!!

Love to you all!

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Lori said...

I'm glad things are looking up and hopeful. I hope he gets better soon.

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