Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They ended up extubating him yesterday around 10:30am. He was doing really well breathing and keeping his numbers good. Last night before I left, he started coughing a lot and having a more difficult time breathing. He was just TIRED, but his nurse gave him some of his medication that seemed to help.

This morning his nurse, Lindsey (who by the way, freakin' rocked. I loved his nurse last night.) called and said Kameron had a rough night. He just had a hard time breathing, he felt pressure in his chest, and his oxygen levels were really low.

So, this morning they have him on this mask thing that is a great alternative to being intubated. It has a tight seal around his mouth and forces oxygen into his lungs. The respiratory tech said that he has lots of success with this treatment. And since the time that they have started this treatment his numbers are looking better and HE is looking better.

They are also going to put him on some lasiks or dyaretics to help dry up the extra fluid in his lungs. The RT explained to me that his lungs are like a sponge and when they get wet and filled with fluid, they become heavy and that makes it hard to breathe. So, if they get all that fluid out, he will have lighter lungs and he won't be coughing as much, both of which will help him not get tired as easily.
So, I will update when I know more but for now, things are stable. I am hopeful this treatment will work because I really don't want to face, 'third time's a charm' in this case. But, we will see what happens!!
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Alicia said...

This is all craziness!! I'm so glad you keep us posted.

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