Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday, they turned Kameron off of the dialysis machine! woohoo! They will see how his kidneys do and if they jump back in and start doing their job. If not, they will just put him on regular dialysis 3 times a week and that will help his kidneys start working again.

His vent was down to 45% when I left and he was doing really good - oxygen levels right around 95%.

He still wasn't awake but, had moved his mouth when his nurse was brushing his teeth. I think he is just so weak, he doesn't have the strength to do anything.

They moved him to another room - #461.

On Thursday they are doing surgery for his trach!! yay! I am so excited for that!

I just talked to his nurse today and he said that everything is pretty much the same since yesterday. His blood pressure and heart rate are both a little elevated. His bloodwork looks better than yesterday and his liver enzymes have gone down a bit. His blood has almost normal carbon dioxide levels.

And he still isn't really awake. Just the same as yesterday.

I won't be down there today. Lil' Man has a dentist appointment. Tomorrow, it depends on how Kameron is doing when I call in the morning. If he is more awake, I will head down. If not ... I'll just wait until Thursday and Kason and I will go for his surgery.

Hopefully I will be able to give okay updates even if I am not there.


Heather said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented much... I just haven't really known what to say. I do so enjoy the updates, though, and really Jami - you are such an inspiration. Whenever I hear about all this I just think about how much the Lord must trust you and Kameron, and even though this is probably way cheesy, I just feel like you guys have to be really special to be given these trials. Maybe that's annoying of me to say and absolutely not comforting at all, but I hope not. Just know that I love you both, and am glad things are looking up.

Lori said...

That is great you are so good with the updates. I'm glad you have been getting so much positive info and that he is making little steps towards being awake. It is amazing how not having your DH around makes us so grateful for them. I need to remember that sometimes. Way to stay positive with this all.

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